People are what, now?

the origin story

Years ago, while living life in his adopted hometown of Ottawa, a grouchy bastard named Kav (a.k.a. KaveMan) observed that people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, race, or nationality, are capable of endless quantities of idiocy. Thus was Kav’s First Law codified: People Are Idiots.

For those that may be offended by the seemingly aggressive stance of this mantra, do not fret; Kav’s First Law is intended to be neither a criticism nor an accusation, but rather a truism. No person, especially the KaveMan himself, is exempt from this law–after all, who among us can claim to have never had a moment of idiocy? The usefulness of Kav’s First Law is self-evident in everyday life, as commonplace frustrations are defused by applying the law to comprehend once-inexplicable human behaviour.

When it came time to establish a presence on the ‘net, and explore this newfangled pastime known as blogging, the choice of themes for the site was really no choice at all. And hence, was born in August 2004.

The blog is run by KaveMan, and populated by his sisters (Kamelot and Happy Phantom), as well as several friends:

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