"They tell ya, "Never hit a man with a closed fist", but it is, on occasion, hilarious."
-- Malcolm Reynolds

Would he have to wear the white trooper armor?


I think I like my cat as a unique entity. Besides if we clone him, mightn’t we be too tempted to “improve” him just a bit, and then end up with the Eugenics Wars? Then we’d have to ship him and his little kitty cohorts off on a sleeper ship, only to have them be woken up two or three centuries down the road by a well-meaning, but somewhat reckless, young starship captain who would then have to fight off a takeover attempt….and then fifteen years later that same captain, now an admiral and not quite as young (although still quite reckless) ends up in a subterranean cavern bellowing “ZAAAAAAAK!!!!” into a communicator….

OK, I think I’ve committed some kind of geek faux-pas…I have a Star Wars reference in my post title, but a Star Trek reference in the post itself. I think I have to tear up my card or something…

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  1. yea, especially since ‘zak’ is a star trek reference, you really should just choose one and commit.

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