"Don't you ever stand for that sort of thing. Someone tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back!"
-- Malcolm Reynolds

Cool, let’s join this thing!

I can’t believe we’re waffling about joining a rocketship playgroup featuring toys that DON’T WORK.

Liberal cynicism aside, I think compromises should be made on this one. The Americans were right pissed about our Iraq snub (despite neo-con pundits whining about how allegedly insignificant we are). The mad-cow “scare” showed that there are economic ramifications for not blindly following US policy, not matter how absurd we think it is.

Where I think our government is going with this, and I think I agree with it, is to join on to the plan, but with plenty of clauses. After all, the Americans don’t need our money, manpower, or technology, they are mainly just looking for moral support on this one (although some of our land could prove useful). I think we need to suck it up and remind them that we really are allies. Unfortunately that means adhering to at least part of Bush’s ego-driven “with us or against us – feared by enemies, worshipped by allies” foreign policy.

So, we should:
- agree to the plan, but promise no money
- agree to weapons-less installations on our territory, but we get to build them
- with their money
- and we staff them too, and allow whatever techies they need
- kinda like NORAD! Remember that?
- we reserve the right to abstain from plans for putting weapons in space, which will happen

Having said all that, this BMD idea of theirs is stupid, and not just because it won’t work. What happened to pre-empting enemies in their backyard and not waiting for them to come to us, eh George? This is all about growing the military-industrial complex, which will create an arms race.

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