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-- Jayne Cobb

Same Season, New Sport, New Injury

Well, that didn’t take long…

BirdLady and I decided to go out and try something new today, so we signed up for snowboarding lessons at Camp Fortune. I figured that I’ve already hurt myself once this season, so I’ve probably gotten that out of the way. Plus, this is just a beginner’s lesson, so it shouldn’t be too taxing.

We started out by getting registered at the ski school. Camp Fortune isn’t the most organized place I’ve seen, but I’ve also seen worse. We got ourselves paid up and headed down to get our rented boards. This part was much smoother, so we were soon out on the snow.

This was where I ran into trouble. My first slide down a slight slope went fine, but as I was working myself back up the hill I fell, and twisted my ankle while doing so. This is how I discovered that snowboard bindings don’t release under pressure like alpine ski bindings do.

(Kudos to the Fortune ski school, though–they refunded me my money without any hassle…seeing as I only got about three minutes out of the lesson. :) )

I managed to sprain whichever tendon it is that controls the rotation of the foot in the horizontal axis (I’m sure the Grabber can let us know which one that is). I’ll be icing it tonight in the hopes that an ankle support will allow me to do some cross-country skiing tomorrow.


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  1. I warned you…

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