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I can’t find the title to the song

Well today is the first day that i am alone in my house for any real amount of time since i moved in. i like my alone time. some people just dont’ understand that you need alone time. like when i don’t want to talk i just grunt my replies and no there is nothign wrong i just don’t want to have to use up that much energy to form real words let alone whole sentences.
Today is also the first day that i was actually able to get on the computer for more then 5 minutes. seeing as this seems to be Mr. T’s permenent spot this days. thank god the new job started and i am now able to use my OWN computer. but anyways besides that little rant i have a delema.
I am trying to find the name of a song which i heard well i was in the bank and i have no idea how i go about finding it. It was a slong song not sure if it was country or easy rock. i didn’t feel like asking the people in the bank. but this is what i remember of the song.
It’s pretty much a story song buy a guy about this girl who’s boyfriend well doesn’t do a lick for her. wont open the door for her or buy her flowers or do any of those things girls like in a relationship. and buy the end of the sing the guy singing steals the girl away by actually doing those things for her. this are the lyrics that i do remember….

“So i’ll buy you a rose on the way home from work.
open the door to a heart that was hurt.
tell you i love you by the look in my eye.
this are the little things that mean the most in our lives.”

and for the record this words might not be exact but they are really close. so if anyone knows the song then please post the name and artist for me. thanks.

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  1. Kenny Rogers, “Buy Me A Rose”

  2. I also like his new hit: “I Stayed Up All Night Drinking Whiskey and Eatin’ Chicken With Jesus.” Gospel. Very inspiring.

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