"Tonight I’m going to party like it’s on sale for $19.99!"
-- Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Simpler Life, eh?

Y’know, on a day like today one might expect me to blog about something like, say, the olympic opening ceremonies that i’m watching. But no. Clearly i have more important things on my mind. Such as cheesy celebrity ‘reality’ television. Reality is obviously in quotes due to the fact that these shows in no way involve actual reality. Regardless, i’m addicted and i’m about to be forced into going cold turkey. As you may have heard the newlyweds have called it quits. No, they aren’t getting divorced as most would expect, they’re just ditching the cameras. Sorry nick, thats the last we’ll hear of you then, except in jessica’s award acceptance speeches. What i’m most heartbroken over tho is the abrupt end (they skipped like 3 states!) of the simple life 2: road trip. How will i get by without my weekly parisisms and nicole troublemaking? Am i expected to leave my apartment and live my own life? Thats crazy talk! So here’s my idea: The Simple Life 3! Ok, so far not so groundbreaking i know, but it gets better. Canadian road trip. Eh? It could start in halifax then first stop wolfville nova scotia! they can stay in the closet grotto i like to call my apartment (nicole an paris in a bachelor apartment? trust me, hilarity will ensue) then go on to explore canada’s regionalism. They’d be stupid not to do this.

ps- kavi, did you mail my firecrackers yet?

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  1. yay! http://www.realitytvworld.com/index/articles/story.php?s=2750
    i hope they use my idea…

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