"Okay folks, show's over. Nothing to see here, show's... Oh my god! A horrible plane crash! Hey everybody, get a load of this flaming wreckage! Come on, crowd around, crowd around!"
-- Chief Clancy Wiggum


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Watch the trailers, names and faces will be familiar. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Eat more leafy greens.

5 Responses to “Nobodywantsyourfilm.com”

  1. Hey – YOU have a handy-dandy picture for your name, why don’t I have one yet?

  2. Cuz you have to send me one…or get your man to do it…

  3. I am the avatar of the almighty drunken sheep!! Tremble at the awesome power of my wrath!!!!! I shall smite thee with chops, lightly grilled medium-rare with mint jelly and potatoes dauphinoise on the side. Maybe a nice salad too. And a glass of cheeky California Merlot. I have spoken!!!!

  4. Actually, I was whining at Toon to make me an avatar, but now I think that he is insane and probably not mentally fit enough for the task…

    Are drunken sheep easy?

  5. Drunken sheep are easy, yes, but not cheap! :D

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