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-- Peter Griffin

I’ve been here for too long to face this on my own

While doing some random surfing, I came upon a link to CNet’s Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets. Having always been something of a gadget…um…enthusiast, I figured that this would be something I would enjoy reading.

What did I find? Nary a gadget on the list was something I really wanted! Even the couple of items that seem cool are tainted by the “realities” of usefulness or reliability. What the hell’s happening to me? In days past, not only would I have loved everything on that list, I probably would own at least three items in the same timeframe it’s taking me to write this post. Is this growing up? Cuz, if so, I’m not happy…

I feel the need for some retail therapy…hmmm, maybe a computer upgrade! :-)

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  1. I know what you mean…. at Christmas, my Mum pulled out a supplement from the Citizen, which had the top outdoorsy gift ideas, and offered to my brother and I the change to choose one each for Christmas next year. And neither of us could pick a thing. Admittedly, when the list includes either a) stuff that is similar to what you already have, and b) an inflatable kayak (shudder) it doesn’t leave much to choose from…

  2. Damn, boy! Not sure why you wouldn’t want an iPod mini, Sony PSP, digital music receiver, or digital SLR camera.

    Feel free to mention that you already have any of these items so I can arrange for your new micro-van to meet with an accident. ;)

    The digital media centre/receiver is something I crave. If the effing record labels hate mp3s now, wait until way more people have the ability to play them through their living room stereos (I mean for real, not with an iPod plugged into the system or a wire trailing back to a PC where you have to change tracks etc). I also want a tablet-style remote where I can browse my playlist.

  3. Welcome to your Carlsberg Years, Kaveman.

    Can’t wait to hear you when you start complaining about the “silly gadgets” your kids will be whining for! :)

  4. Well, I have an RCA MP3 player with a 1GB SD card (it’s smaller than the iPod mini), I have both a living room computer and a DVD player that plays CD-Rs full of MP3s, and a 4MP digital camera (not quite SLR, but I’m not photo geek enough to need it). And I typically haven’t been into mobile gaming.

    I’ve been told that the X-box Media Centre is a very useful (and reasonably-priced) solution for the living-room media problem.

  5. Well, it depends how long I retain the memory of wanting the gadgets at all costs…

  6. I haven’t really been into mobile gaming either, and probably will never be until I find myself doing public transportation-heavy commuting on a regular basis (transatlantic flights count as commuting!).
    I’ve also resisted an mp3 player up until now, relying instead on my glorious minidisc player which still carries the advantage of real-time recording onto hard media (see the prefix in my screen name). But I might cave soon.
    The ‘Home Computer’, a concept which I have been crowing about for years, is only now peeking its head into the market, the media centre being the first step. The blurring of distinctions between PC, stereo, game console, and TV is proceeding agonizingly slowly, at least for non-wealthy people.

  7. There’s just something wrong with you if you don’t want a Motorola Razr V3… as I may have expressed my interest in the past

  8. …and I already have a DS… and a GBA… and a gameboy color… and some pokemon cards…

  9. what I really want is a nice deck of cards .. you know the new kind that have #’s and face cards .. not the old kind that just have the spade , diamond , hearts and clubs.. ” the kind of discussion we would be having in 1805 but it would take a month and we would have run out on ink”

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