"That guy impressed me and I am not easily impressed. Wow. A *blue car*."
-- Homer Simpson

There is no spoon

This one’s for the fans of that unholiest of unholy genres:

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  1. Hey, if he can hook up with Julie from last season he must be doing ok.

    You don’t find Trading Spouses and it’s ilk unholier than Serve Iver? In fact I consider them different genres completely.

  2. They all make me sick…I will grant that some are worse than others, though… :-)

  3. Actually, trading spouses is an interesting way of showcasing the unequal burden that women continue to shoulder in the home. All those guys who said “I had no idea my wife did so much!” when the spoiled useless brat moves in for 2 weeks make me shudder.

    But I wouldn’t call it “entertainment”….

  4. Yeah but those shows are designed to put people in situations that cause friction, and so artificial drama ensues. At least Sir Viver and the A-Race have a competition as their premise – which is why I distinguish between competition/game show and ‘reality’ TV, even though the latter have become anything but – and it’s entirely possible I’ve invented that justification out of thin air since I didn’t use to like any of them.

  5. See, I thought you were joking about “Trading Spouses”, putting a play on “Trading Spaces”. Little did I know that it’s an actual show! Oh, and would you look at that, what a surprise, it’s on Fox…

    And my decision to cancel my cable is re-affirmed yet again.

  6. For anyone who hasn’t been reading this blog from the beginning, this post explains much of my ire for Fox.

  7. The falacy that is Fox…lowering the bar of entertainment so that viewers of FoxNews can complain about disappearning values.

  8. … which will then cause everyone to vote Republican. So THAT’S their evil plan!! Clever… sounds like they’re going to beat the Kaveman to World Domination.

  9. Despite such scary shows as “Trading Spouses”, I think the lowest of the low is “The Swan” – the show where normal-looking (albeit not model material, but certainly not as hideous and ugly as they feel they are to the world) people get the ultimate in what modern cosmetic surgery has to offer. So the poor contestants show off their new bodies/faces (all eerily over-makeup’ed and looking like bad Barbie doll knock-offs) to their families, which inevitably ends with their children crying (“where’s my mommy? What have you done with my mommy? You’re not my mommy!”) and somewhat green around the gills spouses (“well, it wasn’t what I was expecting…”). The worst part of it all? I’ve got teenage patients who bemoan the fact they’re not old enough to compete in this (in one fifteen year old’s words: “‘cuz my life would be perfect if I got breast implants and a nose job and liposuction. ‘Cuz then people would like me more…”).


  10. Not only is there a trading spouses but there’s also a show called wife swap. One of them involves fifty thousand dollars, the other is just for kicks.

  11. Yup, the Swan does take the spooky cake! And how do these ladies recuperate from surgery so fast? Doesn’t it take 8 weeks for swelling to go down after liposuction?

  12. That’s part of the creep-factor, they sequester them for months away from their families while they diet and have surgeries, and they don’t let them have mirrors.

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