"Note to self: Stop. Doing. Anything."
-- Homer Simpson

My lover stands on golden sands…

This morning, at a completely unreasonable hour for a Saturday, I along with The Grabber, Righteous Guy and BogMan (in their secret identities) headed down to the Ottawa Sailing School so we could learn to cruise (cruise in the context of sailing, and not the neo-horny sense). We had all signed up for this course several weeks ago, and have been looking forward to it since before even signing up.

Showing up at 9am (as instructed by our welcome letter), we were surprised to find no one there. Now, I’m fairly certain that this sailing school is not a scam, as there are many, many people at the two yacht clubs in west-end Ottawa who know about the school. However, after waiting for over an hour, we spent most of the next hour wandering the grounds of first one, then the other yacht club, vainly searching for some sign of a sailing class. Sadly, we were unsuccessful.

I have no idea from which direction to get upset about this. Should I be more pissed that we were mistreated (at the least) by the sailing school, or that I didn’t get to sail today? I think the answer to that question will depend on the response we get on Monday to our inevitable irate phone calls.

Stay tuned…

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  1. screw ‘em, when i have a rich husband i’ll buy and sell their asses…

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