"Won't stop. Won't ever stop. They'll just keep coming until they get back what you took. Two by two, hands of blue. Two by two, hands of blue."
-- River Tam

Guns…lots of guns…

I’m thinking I should get one of these for those annoying rush hour moments.

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  1. holy crap that didn’t take too long .. and now for the peice de resistance :

    C1 Howitzer
    The 105mm Howitzer is a mobile, general purpose, light towed field artillery weapon, that’s normally towed by a truck which carries the crew and ammunition. It can be employed for direct or indirect fire and can be elevated to high angles to allow it to reach targets hidden from flat trajectory guns.
    The Canadian Army has procured 28 new light Howitzers and upgraded 96 of the existing fleet of 105mm C1 Howitzers to the C3 configuration. With the delivery of the 28 new and upgrade of the 96 to C3 configuration, fifty 105mm C1 Howitzers are considered to be surplus and available for immediate sale. The United States Department of State must approve all sales.

    why does the US have to approve our Sales ?

  2. Is that because the US is selling them? (funny… I wonder if the Iran-contra scandal involved “approved sales)

    When I was about 11, I saw a tank go zooming down Bank street for no apparent reason. It seemed to fit pretty well on the road. I wonder if that would deter you from committing a traffic violation if one of those was bearing down on you?

  3. nope this is from the Govt surplus site (Canadian equipment) .. and yeah the great thing about a tank is you can park anywhere you want just watch out for basements and little puppies ( little puppies are cute )

  4. No I think she means that the US is selling us the new ones, on condition of authority to decide where we can sell the old ones. I don’t see a problem with that.

  5. Kav, I think you could use one, I’m sure no one would dare ticket one of those if you parked illegally! :D

  6. also if you are stuck behind a stupid driver you can park on him and the next lights

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