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RANT : U-haul

UPDATE TO THE RANT .. so I have canceled with the below Mentioned A-holes.. and have booked with a different company discount .. it will cost me a little more but piece of mind does have a price i guess.. so I will pay it .. having said that .. who wants to help me move .. lol! seriously though.. anyone who would like to can and will be treated to the very best beer and pizza i can find

Rant complete until Uhaul tries to screw me even though I cancelled

So .. I feel the need to share my Experience about this company .. deep breath .. so I book a truck for my upcoming move through the U-haul website , they say a rep will contact me to confirm my reservation by 5 pm the next day .. so Ok this is the 17th of March .. St-patricks day .. sooo I think nothing of it .. maybe they are drunk .. that is why i get no call .. so .. fast forward to today .. i call the 1-800 number I have for Uhaul .. from the confirmation Email.. .. they say yes .. we have your reservation and we have given it to the REGIONAL center to process .. and here is the number .. 613-733-2665 .. so OK I call the number … Ring ! Ring !Ring ! X 10 … no answer .. no voice mail.. Ok .. so I call U-haul 1-800 back .. they say yes that is the number for them .. it is a sub-contracter ( Two small men with big hearts ) .. Uhaul only has that number for them.. SO I get the yellow Page out … and look up U-haul .. find the local number for a dealer .. on coventry RD .. ( down the Road from 2 small men place. ) and the coventry Rd guys don’t want to deal with me .. cause they don’t have my Reservation.. .. When I elude to the Un=professionalism of this situation .. I get attidude from the clerk or whatever you call them people … i can’t help you , kinda thing … Really .. I am a customer … booked with your company and you can’t help me sort out a problem … So I am told to call the 2 small men place so i do with there REAL number and get this.. this will Kill you .. they aren’t set up to be a Uhaul Dealer !!! they have had a people refered to them all the Time ..!!! and they aren’t dealers .. they are in the process of becoming.. ( they were asked if they wanted to be ) .. but they aren’t hooked up on the system .. they have no Uhaul LAN or hook-ups for phone or computer.. hence the reason the F!#$!#% phone number doesn’t work .. anyway had a good chat with the 2 small men guys… they apologise ALOT about it , cause it makes them look unprofessional .. etc.. .. I would have booked with them .. but get this .. they only rent out trucks With Movers !! not Stand-alone .. so i call the Uhaul 1800 back .. and Explain to them “the Situation” but they don’t seem to want to deal with the ” Situation” except to say Ok we have rebooked you with the Coventry office instead and thanks and have a good day .. can’t wait for them to call me back ….

you know .. as a customer .. I feel that i should be able to ask a simple question and not get shit as a response . maybe I am asking too much ..
and yes .. i am waiting for the Phone call .. cause I still need a truck .. but man am I ever going to get it for Cheap ..

end transmission

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  1. Yeah, good luck with that. I have had similar experiences with U-Haul. And at the time I was a captive market since they are the only company that will rent 1-way to the U.S. My problem was with the office on Coventry too… I could give you a whole rant myself, but it was a long time ago, so it’s not worth the effort. All I can tell you is don’t expect any phone calls, you WILL have to call them and you will have to fight if you want a discount because of their screw-up. Oh, and get them to commit to the time you want your truck: apparently they don’t actually have to guarantee that if you ask for a truck at a specific time they will have it. I booked one for 9am and after much fighting finally got it at 4pm and they acted all suprised when I was outraged…sigh.

  2. anger building .. belly full of hate Expanding

  3. Deuce, where you moving to? Will there be a huge kick ass housewarming when you arrive? Will I be invited? Will we drink lots of scotch and get silly? Inquiring minds want to know!! :D

    You know, I think Empire rents trucks. Not as cheap, but not as stupid. For some reason I am certain I rented from them, but cannot for the life of me remember when…

  4. of course there will be a house Warming ..Julie and I are moving across the River into a 2bedroom Apt / condo Open concept Laundry room lots of storage 2 yr old bldg 725 a month near the Starcite movie Theater ..

  5. Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing it already.

  6. you just want scotch ..

  7. But of course! :D

    Don’t get me wrong; I can bring my own bottle. I just need a good opportunity for consumption!

  8. Come on Binz – like anyone needs a “good opportunity” to consume scotch. Don’t forget, best buddy, I’ve seen you consume liberally and freely! :D

    As for the type of scotch, you’ve more than graduated from the typical low-end Johnny Walker to some serious, peaty goodness! Vive your Loch Laurian years (and pass on the Carlsberg)! Once I had a sniff of that 50-60 year old uber-dark scotch at Fram’s birthday last year, even I had to admit that not all scotches are “icky!”. :D

  9. Mmm. Peaty goodness.

  10. that someone would think that all scotch is Icky is icky .. i can’t beleive I said Icky twice … ah man .. I need some Scotch sigh.. I’m a scotch-a-holic..
    but on the flip side I hear that the only cure is 50 or 60 yr old scotch .. so .. binz you’ll have to bring some to the house warming when we have one ..

  11. It was $90 an ounce, so it was a birthday present only, no way I’d be able to buy the entire bottle in a long, long time! But I’ll bring the 15 yr Balvenie! :) BTW Deuce, did you know that Scotch is about 25% cheaper in NB? Next time you’re home, you should consider stocking up.

    PS Grabber, I have never allowed Johnny Walker to pass my lips, so I never really graduated up from it! (Oh, wait… there was that time in Mexico… but that hardly counts, and I certainly didn’t pay for it!) Anyway, Life’s too short to drink cheap booze!

  12. yeah i know and Am not sure why .. and am glad that we do something right in the Maritimes .. Ie Cheap scotch .. and yeah Way ahead of you .. whenever someone comes up they bring me that and a case of Moosehead Dry ..

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