"You're all clear, kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home."
-- Han Solo


Family Guy is back! Oh Happy Day! Caught most of the episode last night (missed the very ending, which is yet another lesson telling me never to leave my house) and it was so good, I was happy to find they kept the same humour and energy that I love about this show. Hopefully Fox will give this show a little more slack than last time (anyone who’s watched the DVD’s commentary knows how every episode was a fight with the network) and has learned their lesson: Don’t take Family Guy away! Sidebar: also amusing was the cringing of the people I was watching the show with whenever Peter was naked on screen. hehe.

3 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. DirtyoldToon is extremely sad that he missed it – apparently, no adds or announcements or anything promoted its re-debut.

  2. Yea, I fell ass backwards into it.

  3. Are you kidding? They were promoting the re-debut for weeks (including plenty of out-of-character quotes from Stewie). Of course you would have to be watching Fox to see them, which isn’t always easy.

    Family Guy is a perfect example of the kind of slippery moral slope that the hypocrits on FoxNews complain about, haha.

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