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-- Ralph Wiggum

I’ve traveled each and ev’ry highway

Well, I’ve finally given up on trying to sell the Golf through conventional means, so I’ve decided to partake of the phenomenon known as eBay (anyone heard of it?).

Let’s hope this thing actually moves…my priority at this point is just to get it out of my driveway… :-)

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  1. At least you have some hope in hell of recouping $$… The amount we would have to spend in order to make ours sellable exceeds what we would realistically get for it, and there is little guarantee (if any) that anyone would be stupid enough to even buy it… I hate to send it to a junkheap & contribute to the waste problem, but there is no other solution for our money pit of a car.

  2. Oh, make no mistake, I won’t be making any money off it. Even if you only include the repairs I’ve done in order to sell it (i.e. the repairs since February), I’d still have to get $1900 from it just to break even. And no one has bid on it yet… :-(

    You should be able to sell yours as long as it safeties…and let’s face it, if the Golf passed the safety, anything can…

  3. Oh, it can pass a safety… $2000 later…

  4. OK, time for a new mechanic! What the hell does it need for safety that’s going to cost that much?

  5. Brakes… muffler has a hole… cracked windshield… The $700 that we already just paid for the struts… And that’s what we know of. Remember, we were stupid a bought a car with ridiculously high mileage. We also discovered after we bought it that repairs on an Intrepid are stupidly expensive.

  6. OK, brakes you should be able to do yourselves (I can help if you want), getting the parts from PartSource (< $100, usually). Go to Ontario Auto Glass (on Scott St., just east of Parkdale) for the windshield (should be <$300). As for the muffler, you don’t need it for the safety, but you will for the e-cert. So you can sell it ‘safetied, but not e-cert’, or you can go to Speedy for a cheap muffler (usually <$200).

  7. …OK, fine, add to that the fact that we have to renew the licence at the end of the month, which means we would have to spring for an e-test before May 27 so selling without passing e-test is just not possible. Also we currently don’t know what else a safety will require. Additionally, parts for Intrepids have been generally more expensive than average (at least, they are in comparison to Old Bluey), so you can inflate all of those estimates you gave me by at least 25%. Oh, and I have no experience whatsoever fixing cars, and am already up to my eyeballs with yard work and that thesis thing I’m supposed to write, and I seriously doubt that ‘Toon will have time do anything about it either. Finally, after the time and $$ you propose, there is still no guarantee that the damn car will sell, similar Intrepids with way less mileage than ours are sitting around for months on end. I’m currently looking at a $700 loss. What you propose has a risk of being (minimum) $1600 loss (including parts at the prices you propose, renewing the licence, e-cert and safety fees etc.), plus $110/month insurance while we wait for the damn thing to get sold (‘cuz I can’t see us fixing it and then not using it while we wait to offload it on some poor sucker!). I realise you have put out more than that, but I haven’t actually blown all that money yet. And I’d rather just get started on Vrtucar ASAP.

    Believe me, I would love to keep it out of the junkyard as long as possible, but I just cannot see my way to making it work without a serious risk of never seeing the money I spend again and the effort you propose resulting in nothing.

  8. I think you’re inflating the risk profile here…your car is flat-out worth more than what I’m trying to sell. If the Golf was in absolutely perfect condition, it’s only worth $2400 according to the book value. Have you checked the book value on the Intrepid? If it’s in the $5000 range, than it’s worth dropping a bit of money so that you can sell it for $3000…this is still taking a bath on the car, but it beats losing $700.

    (For the record, any car part in the universe will look expensive next to a Ford part. They’re cheap by the sheer volume that get produced and sold–’Fix Or Repair Daily’ didn’t just come outta thin air, y’know.)

    Also, getting started with VirtuCar and dealing with car selling can happen in parallel…if you get started with VirtuCar by the end of the month, you don’t have to worry about passing the e-test, so that you can sell it ‘as-is’. Don’t forget, Quebec doesn’t have DriveClean, so you just have to list the car in something that’s distributed across the river.

  9. Not sure about book value. Do know that going rate (i.e. auto trader) for similarly aged Intrepids with much better mileage is $2,500 give or take, and that Chris’ mechanic who is trying to sell another Intrepid (and who presumably knows how to market his car properly too) has not been able to move his in 3 months with no takers in sight. ‘Sides, if your resorting to selling the Golf on eBay, then I am not filled with confidence about my chances. Believe me, it does not look good, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation, I’d be prepping it for sale already! :)

    How long is a safety good for, anyway? how long can you hang onto a car after the licence expires?

    Phasing in Vrtucar while I wait for a buyer is not really an option; how do I pay the membership fees on Vrtucar if I’ve blown all my savings on fixing up the car? I don’t have the money for both. (NO, visa is NOT an option!)

    Fix Or Repair Daily… first time I’ve head that one!

  10. Visa is always an option… :-)

    However, I’ll admit defeat, if $2500 is the most you’re likely to get for the Intrepid, then yes, you’re right, it’s not worth it. I thought it’d be worth more, being a newer car and all.

  11. Yeah, you’d think that… *sigh*. I wish we’d never bought it. I wanted a hatchback, but nooo, somebody doesn’t feel comfortable unless he has a ton of steel around him… :)

    You’re right visa is always an option, I just put way too much on it already! :) besides my fierce penny-pinching inner Highlander gets apoplectic every time I have to pay interest on anything.

  12. Well, the good news is that someone has actually bid on the Golf! So I’ll be able to get rid of it…the only question now is how much I’ll get… :-)

  13. Yay you! When does your auction (or whatever it is in eBay speak) expire?

  14. hey you sold your car .. that is good..

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