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Stop Referring to Yourself as “Myself”!!!!

This is a brief grammar lesson rant.

“Myself” is a reflexive pronoun. A reflexive pronoun is used as the object of a verb when the action of the verb returns to the doer. In other words, a reflexive pronoun is used when the subject and the object are the same person. For example,

“I play with myself.”

In this sentence, “myself” refers back to the subject, “I”.

Sometimes, a reflexive pronoun is used to refer back to the object. For example,

“Allow me to introduce myself.”

In this sentence, “myself” refers back to the object, “me”.

“Myself” is NEVER used as the subject. For example, you cannot say, “Myself will go to the movies.” Likewise, you cannot say, “James, Lars, Kirk, and myself are going to the movies.”

“Myself” is NEVER used as a stand-alone object. For example, you cannot say, “James, Lars, and Kirk went with myself to the movies.” Nor could you say, “The movie was watched by myself.”

The basic rule is this: you only use “myself” when you’re already the subject or the object. If your sentence doesn’t already include “I” or “me”, you don’t say “myself”.

Next week: Conditional sentences with past perfect verb clauses.

9 Responses to “Stop Referring to Yourself as “Myself”!!!!”

  1. As for myself, English grammar always confuses me.

    Is that one OK? ;)

    Seriously, though, English grammar really does confuse me; bilingualism is great, but French immersion programs really do have a cost to the mother tongue. Pronounciation also causes me problems, my mother keeps yelling at me for speaking like an American, at which point I mention that either a) I’m pronouncing it like a francophone, not an American, or b) English is such a stupidly inconsistent language that I can pronounce it any way I please!

    So anyway, my big question is: what exactly is a participle, and how does one dangle it?

  2. I’d say the reason English is the most commonly-spoken second language in the world has as much to do with the ease of learning it as it does with the usefulness of knowing it.

    And I disagree with the French immersion theory. Granted, we never received that much instruction in English, but you can’t blame that for parents drilling “so-and-so and *I* went…” and other examples into kids’ heads so much that they now use pronouns incorrectly more often than they would have otherwise.

  3. English grammar is not confusing. It is beautiful. The rules, and their exceptions, are logical, but they need to be learned. The big problem is that shcools have abandonned teaching grammar. The current view is that grammar should be acquired naturally, through usage alone. Drills and rote memorization are frowned upon because they aren’t creative forms of instruction. But, they work, and they can be fun. The consequence of not teaching grammar is that we now live in society of illiterates who think that grammar is unimportant and unnecessary. It is shameful.

    Grammar is truth, truth grammar.

  4. That is all ye know from English class, and all ye need to know?

  5. Have a chat with ‘Toon sometime about incorrect coma use some time. It can actually get him raving.

    Still wondering about that participle thing.

  6. I actually think my english grammar is better for my rigourous training in french grammar. I’m at least aware of the existance of grammar and of its importance, even if I couldn’t formally conjugate an english verb to save my life. Shockomir, if you’re doing a series of tips, can do do one on the correct use of “‘s”? Seeing it used as plural instead of possessive is the thing that drives me up the wall!!

  7. I’d like to think that everyone on this board knows when and when not to use an apostrophe.

    To expand on what Shocky was saying, it seems that for many people these days it’s ‘uncool’ to speak correctly.

    But I’m not sure about the correct or incorrect ways to enter a coma.

  8. Apparently, for commas (forgive the earlier spelling error – and nice one DJ!) you don’t use them nearly as often as most people think.

    And you shouldn’t enter a coma nearly as often as some people might think either! :)

  9. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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