"In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics."
-- Homer Simpson

There is still good in him

Today’s PvP is highly appropriate for our crowd… :-)

11 Responses to “There is still good in him”

  1. Too true! :D

  2. Yup.

  3. Careful, you’re admitting to shunning the Holy Trilogy and its backstory.

  4. It’s not the Holy Trilogy, just the backstory. And it’s not shunning, so much as “not quite as enamored with”.

    Plus, it also references our love affair with Joss Whedon… :-)

  5. It’s hard to maintain enamouredness with Star Wars in comparison with Joss!

  6. Mmmmm…not that hard.

  7. See, I’m still quite in love with both, but it’s a “different” love for each… :-)

  8. BTW, I was Anonymous, I forgot to sign in…

    I admit, my loss of love for Star Wars is amazing, since Episodes IV to VI were among my favourite movies of all time (in fact, Return of the Jedi was my favourite). But the lameness of the prequels has actually impacted my ability to fully appreciate the older movies when I watch them now. When I see the lousy acting & hear lousy dialogue in the older movies, I can no longer think to myself “it’s OK, think of when these movies were made! Episode IV is a product of the 70s, you have to be tolerant!” and just go with the flow. Now it’s “Wow… Lucas really sucked.”

  9. That must mean your training was incomplete and you were prone to turn to the dark side in the first place. :p

    I watched RotJ again last night. Man, if Lucas had tried putting Ewoks on-screen in 1999 (never mind actually having them WIN the f*&king battle!!! Gungans couldn’t even manage that) he would have been lambasted just as badly. I have every confidence that Ep.III is better than VI and will make I and II seem a tad better (I didn’t have too many complaints with II anyway).

  10. Yeah, I’ve been going through the Holy Trilogy this week, and I’m sorry, it’s still cinematic gold! While the prequels have certainly not measured up story-wise (or, more specifically, dialogue-wise), they’re still not quite as bad as everyone makes them sound. They’re just the ones we love to hate right now… :-) There are certainly key elements that suck (hello, Jar-Jar, and can we have some more CSPAN?), but many of the great elements are there as well.

    And I agree, Boyo — despite the wonky love scene in the middle, I thought Clones was much, much better than Phantom Menace.

  11. Yeah… Ewoks bite… but I first saw that movie when I was or nine eight years old. It was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw (being stuck in Africa before that, I had no access to the others), and it made so much of an impression on me that I can pinpoint it as the moment I became a science fiction fan. (No, please let us not revisit the Science fiction debate again… :) ) You can forgive a lot when you are so young.

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