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Informatics lack of intelligence

I phoned our in-house informatics folks a month and a half ago to upgrade the operating system on my computer. Last Wednesday, they finally came by and picked up my PC.

After a couple of days of working on my boss’s PC, with no access to my email, I phoned informatics back Friday morning and asked how much longer I would be without my computer. Despite providing my ticket number, the person I was talking to had no clue what kind of work was being done on my PC, but eventually figured out who my technician was and attempted to contact him. As there was no response, and there was no indication as to how much longer I would have to be without my computer, I asked to have a profile created on my boss’ computer so that I could check my email. This was done, and I started sifting through the backlog of email.

One of the first messages I had was from the technician, dated Thursday, emailing me to let me know that my computer was almost ready, but that he needed a software CD from me in order to complete the work. Could I please get in touch with him ASAP since he would be away on Friday…

I struggle to understand how he expected me to answer his email when HE HAD MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he allergic to the phone? The mind boggles…

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  1. It’s one of those situations where the name of this site can help… :-)

  2. yeah that is for sure(name of site ) … since “everyone” uses email for everything these days .. guess it was “your fault” that “you didn’t get back to him on Friday”.. what were you thinking .. sheeesh!!

  3. Indeed!

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