"Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions."
-- Abraham Simpson

You can’t write if you can’t relate

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long…my life has been taken over by my recent obsession with landscaping. I’ll be posting pictures of the project eventually, but in the meantime, entertain yourselves with some more evidence that Paris Hilton is either a self-indulgent moron or a self-promotional genius. I’m honestly not sure which it is… :-)

8 Responses to “You can’t write if you can’t relate”

  1. who cares .. she’s hot .. the internet says so ! PS check out these light bulbs .. get it light bulbs


  2. If she wants to be famous for being famous, let her be labelled for what she’s most famous for. Ergo, porn star.

  3. never too early for porn .. or is it corn .?

  4. Hey. You posted about Paris, while Belinda crossing the floor didn’t even merit a quick “lookee here!” post with a link to a news site.

    Self-promotional genius it is.

  5. Paris is hotter than Belinda… :-)

  6. So what? Has there ever been a hotter topic for you than politics? A mere beanpole of a blonde bimbo with a little boy’s ass can sway you from that?

  7. Her head is cube-shaped too.

    I actually wrote an e-mail to the Hilton hotel chain last year saying I would never stay at one of their hotels (a lie) because of how the Hiltons are obviously such lousy parents and didn’t seem to mind having the whole world know it.

  8. Hmmm, cube-shaped head… I’ve always found her face somewhat disturbing, maybe that’s the reason why! :) Mind you, she’s not all bad – I mean, she makes great fodder for South Park! :D

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