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Your feet are going to be on the ground

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve been pretty busy lately with landscaping my yard. I’ve assembled a photo log of the project for your viewing pleasure. I’ll add to this as things progress.

Having been dedicated to this task pretty exclusively for the last week and a half, there are definitely a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Mosquitos love me. And I mean, they loooooove me. I am apparently a tasty treat.
  2. Although twenty years of computer use has not caused me any wrist pain whatsoever, a few days of shovelling guarantees a major case of carpal tunnel.
  3. 22 cubic yards of top soil is a crapload of dirt to move.

Many thanks go to BogMan and especially Kamelot for all of their help. I should also give Greely Sand some credit for expertly delivering some high-quality top soil… :-)

14 Responses to “Your feet are going to be on the ground”

  1. HOLY CRAP!!!! No wonder you couldn’t come to the cottage! that is one hell of a job! I am unbelievably impressed. I thought Toon & I were pretty cool for ripping out unwanted plants & planting some Clematis… :D

    So, what’s the topsoil for? Is the idea just to resod over top of it? Was it just crappy lawn to deal with or were you levelling too?

  2. Levelling and raising. In fact, believe it or not, I was short…I could have used another couple of cubic yards. But that would’ve meant another truck (the triaxle truck is the biggest one, and it holds the 22 cubic yards I had delivered), and I didn’t really want to pay for that.

    I’ll be seeding as soon as they’re not predicting thunderstorms for a day or two…

  3. Awww – aren’t the little globe cedars cute?!?

    Kav, you SURE you’re not gay? :D After all, you’ve gone AWOL the past week and a half to get your garden in shape, and effused about the quality of the topsoil and the great deal you got on the cedars…

    Tee hee! See you Saturday for Righteous Dude and my barbeque!

  4. I’ve spent the last week and a half to do *landscaping*, not work on my garden. I may be a girly-man, but I think moving 22 cubic yards of top soil makes me a manly girly-man… :-)

  5. Or a very dirty girly-man! ;)

  6. Girly-men don’t rave about the quality of their topsoil, they rave about the quality of their petunias.

    YUPPIES rave about their topsoil.


  7. While I would never deny being a yuppie, I don’t think I’ve actually *raved* about the quality of my topsoil. I may have mentioned it to Grabber when she was *asking* me about it (since she and Righteous Guy need some as well), but I don’t think that qualifies as “raving”.

    However, I’m sure Kamelot will have something to say about this… :-)

  8. Sorry. According to witnesses, you “effused” as opposed to raved. :)

    Come on, it’s topsoil! What kind of quality does it need to have, other than being dark brown? If you’re commenting about topsoil quality, you’re raving! :P

  9. If you don’t get properly screened topsoil, you’ll get clumpy stuff that could be full of rocks and weeds, which will inhibit your lawn growth.

    See? No raving, just an explanation… :-)

  10. Well, you raved about greely sand, thats for sure.

  11. But… but… it’s just DIRT!!! :)

    (Says she who will be replacing her dead front lawn with a shade-tolerant garden, & who will probably have to buy her own topsoil to rave about… *sigh*!)

  12. Actually, you need topdressing soil for your garden, not topsoil…check out the aforementioned Greely Sand site for a description.

    Apparently it’s not just dirt… :-)

  13. Oh, dear… ;)

    Man, I would love to be the rich entrepreneur who managed to make dirt complicated! I’d be loaded! :)

  14. There you go raving about greely sand again…

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