"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
-- Darth Vader

Yes, you can put your mind at ease

Having seeded the front yard and only the back yard left to do, it was finally time to get back to the sailing that BogMan and I have been anxiously awaiting. We would have liked to have started earlier, but the whole yard project just took over my life for the last couple of weeks. Any day that was nice enough for sailing was unfortunately also more than nice enough for yard work.

So last week I finally renewed my Keelboat Syndicate membership (having had my boat-buying plans scuppered by the necessity of buying the femto-van). Which meant that all I had to do was find my security badge for the sailing club, and we’d be set. That’s all I’d have to do

Well, I didn’t find it, but BogMan and I decided to soldier on…we went and hung around the gate until someone was going through and we could just run up behind them (there’s nothing shady about this, I am a member of the club). And then the process of prepping the boat began. Someone had taken off the mainsail (or maybe we were the first ones to take this boat out this year), so we actually had to install that back onto the boom. Not a huge problem, but after six and a bit months of not sailing, I can’t seem to remember any of the terminology (it’s the outhaul, not the boomvang!).

Anyway, after much setup, we managed to get away from the dock without hitting anything, and we were off to join the many, many other sailboats already out on the river. It was a gorgeous day — beautifully sunny, nice and warm, with enough wind to be moving at a decent clip, but nothing too adventurous. In my usual cavalier fashion, I eschewed any form of sun protection, and managed to get a light roasting (with my sunglasses on, so I’ve got raccoon eyes now).

After a couple or three hours of peaceful sailing (that quickly reminded us why we love this hobby), we headed back in. Amazingly enough, I managed to get the boat into the slip without stalling the engine, ramming the dock, or having to back out and try again. Maybe there’s something to this “experience” thing… :-)


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  1. “Spreading your seed”, eh? ;)

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