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No surprises here. I was always fairly certain that previous piracy-sales correlations were exaggerated. But what would you expect from an industry that sues its (former) customers? Did the horse-and-carriage industry sue people that acquired motorcars?

On a related note, Cineplex has purchased Famous Players. If they know what’s good for them they need to do an about-face toute suite if they want to avoid a download calamity themselves, and remain in good standing with the studios. I’ve heard that some American theatre chains are removing some ads following public pressure (and maybe a lawsuit or two, I can’t remember). Bravo!

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  1. The vagaries of corporate wheelings and dealings…Famous Players has half again the business of Cineplex, and yet the smaller one is buying the larger.

    I just hope Cineplex doesn’t bring its unique brand of theatre suckiness over to the Famous Players theatres…

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