"They tell ya, "Never hit a man with a closed fist", but it is, on occasion, hilarious."
-- Malcolm Reynolds

I see your schwartz is as big as mine…

Seeing as how Kamelot has my old computer in her new case, you probably already guessed that I’ve got a new computer in my old case…so, as a follow-up to Boyo’s post about his new computer, I thought I’d list off the specs on my new toy:

All of this was installed into my existing Antec SX1040BII case, and I also hung on to my SoundBlaster Audigy card and LG 16x DVD-ROM. So now I’ve got an excellent gaming rig…if only I ever had any time to play some games! :-)

(My thanks go to the excellent folks at CompuNation Computers, purveyors of geekly goodness since 1995.)

Speaking of not having any time, there’s more progress on the landscaping log, for those who are keeping track of my horticultural efforts.

OK, back to the studying…I have to write the exam for my SAD course tomorrow afternoon… :-(

15 Responses to “I see your schwartz is as big as mine…”

  1. I think he’s trying to communicate to us in English…


  2. Hey, things are looking pretty green! Woo woo!

    BTW, your links to crappy tire products only lead to the crappy tire splashpage, not the items themselves.

    PLEASE tell me you got a push mower…

  3. PUSH mower? Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    This is, after all, Gadget Man himself we’re talking about! I seem to recall he’s thinking of replacing his gas-guzzling mower with a somewhat more environmentally friendly electric cordless one.

    I say he should just buy himself a goat and let nature keep the grass short! :D

  4. Weird, when I click on the Crappy Pneu links, it goes right to the products…maybe you’ve got cookies turned off? Are you going to the ‘English/French’ page or the first page of product listings? If it’s the English/French page, then my guess is that your cookies are turned off (so CT doesn’t know in which language to give you the page).

    Why the hell would I get a push mower? I’ve got 2500 square feet of lawn…you try pushing a reel mower across that. No, I got me a cordless electric mower…I know, they’re still only as environmentally-friendly as your local power plant, but at least then I can blame the government… :-)

    (I am studiously ignoring the goat comment…)

  5. *sigh* WHY in god’s name do people think that a reel mower is hard to push? OK, they are narrower, so you have to do more laps of your lawn (although wider ones are available), but it is the easiest, lightest mower I have ever had to push and the fact that it is quiet turns mowing the lawn from a chore into a pleasant activity. My mower would do your lawn in no time, 2500 square feet or not. Your property is just not that big.

    ‘Sides, ours is a Lee Valley gadget! High quality low-tech gadgets for all your gardening needs! You can never have too much Lee Valley stuff!! :D

    Actually, Grabber, the goat would be a terrible idea, it would tear the grass up by its roots and then eat the other plants for desert. Perhaps it’s a sheep he needs?

  6. Oh, and hey, I was the first person to reply to this post, how did Grabber’s comment get above mine?

  7. According to timestamps she beat you by like 7 hours… And I’m sure if you volunteered to mow Kavi’s lawn he wouldn’t protest. Oh, and I need go to Lee Valley…

  8. *Sigh* I KNEW Homewrecker would bring up the fact that goats are in fact one of the worst animals when it comes to environmental impact – I was making a funny! But you are correct: sheep would be better, or even horses/donkeys (since they don’t pull up roots, and kill the whole plant).

    Ah, biologists! :D

  9. Are we talking the old 500 series processor or the new 600s with 2megs cache? The 915 northbridge on the mobo is woefully inadequate as compared to the new 925XE chipset. Onboard 6.1 Surround?? Hellllloooooo!!!!! Ever heard of Dual Channel low-latency RAM with platinum heatsink?? I guess not. And it does come in 667Mhz speeds Mr. Behind-the-Curve. I won’t even mention how embarassing it must be to tell your friends you only have 1 Gig of memory.
    Fifteen minutes old and your machine is already obselete. You might as well be banging two rocks together.

  10. Sigh, too true, Toon, but the gods of fiscal boundaries have limited how far I could go… :-)

    BTW, thanks for getting the comment trail off the stupid livestock…

  11. Oh, and Homewrecker, The Grabber often enters comments without first logging in, so they don’t appear on the page until I approve them–so she actually commented before you, it just didn’t show up on the page until after you had entered your comment.

  12. Geez, Toon, we can’t all be animators! you should be a recurring character on ctrl + alt+ del…

    Which reminds my, Kaveman, thanks to you I wasted about 2 days of work going back to the begining of that strip and reading them ALL. Great, just what I needed, another way to procrastinate! :) Which reminds me, I need some help with the jargon; what the heck is l337?

  13. I defend myself with “Winky”(tm), most powerful of the emoticons!!!


  14. l337 = leet = elite = ‘in the know’ = arrogant geeks

    it also refers to that annoying alpha-numeric shorthand

  15. This is quite a meandering comment trail… :-)

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