"When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power ... like God must feel when he's holding a gun."
-- Homer Simpson

Everything is super when you’re…

I’m having a strange feeling this morning, one I can’t quite identify. I’ve been reading the big news this morning, and I feel so full of…what’s the opposite of shame? :-)

For once, I will sing the praises of our government. They’ve managed to brave the electoral backlash, particularly in the mid-western provinces, and achieve something that only two other countries in the world (Belgium and the Netherlands) have so far done. Same-sex marriage is a fundamental right, but one that most of the world does not allow, notably our neighbour to the south.

Today, I’m a proud Canadian!

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  1. Since you’re such a proud Canadian, does this mean you’ll be walking in the Pride Parade this year? ;)

    I, too, commend our government on their stand – well done!

  2. It is a great day. I can hardly believe it passed, but I’m so thrilled it did!

    …and Harper will undo it first chance he gets…

    I find this part of the article very interesting; “Harper [...suggested] the adoption of the law lacked legitimacy because it relied on the support of the separatist Bloc Québécois”. Um, I seem to recall Harper seeking Bloc support at one point too – the man is clearly grasping at straws. As far as I’m concerned, and MP is an MP, and unless Quebec actually separates at some point in the future (which may never happen) the point is moot. It also strikes me as a comment that could encourage separatist sympathies in Quebec – I’m sure there are plenty of Quebecois who are thinking, “See, we should leave Canada, the leader of the opposition doesn’t even think our MPs’ votes should count!”

  3. Glad to hear it Kav!

    There has definitely been some TCB happening by the government of late, which is great to see.

    Someone tell Harper that he needs to start digging UP, stupid. The vote is illegitimate because the majority of *federalist* MPs are against it? Take a quick survey on this issue in Québec and get back to me, Steve.

    The way he phrased that comment makes it obvious that he views parliament as a strict black-and-white, us vs. them numbers game…and he was the one trying to usher in an atmosphere of free voting. What a tool. Instead of whining all the time he should present policy alternatives… bringing the house to a halt and threatening to rip up legislation don’t count.

  4. Methinks Grabber is posting wrong again… ;)

    And Kav, excellent use of ‘our government’ instead of ‘The Liberals’.

  5. Actually, I have to endorse his usage too – the Grits could never have pulled this off alone!

  6. Oh, and hey, looks like more of the world is following suit!


  7. No, no, ‘our government’ is still the governing party, I just find that they’re referred to incorrectly far too often.

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