"Oh boy! Sleep! That's when I'm a Viking!"
-- Ralph Wiggum

It’s hard to tell if I exist

I’ve been almost a complete no-show on the blog for the last couple of months, so I thought I’d do one big update to let everyone know what I’ve been up to (and also to share some pictures). A bunch of you will have heard me moaning about the various projects below already…

The Yard

The yard work has been continuing, with most of the time being spent on watering (endless, endless watering). The landscaping log shows the several rounds of seeding I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.

The Course

Despite having had a year to finish my SAD course (the original six months plus three two-month extensions), I still managed to leave it to the last minute. The last week of June and the first few days of July ended up being devoted to finishing what I should have been able to just breeze through had I started earlier. I ended up just barely passing a course that I should have aced…I got an A on three out of four assignments, but ran out of time for the fourth one, which just happened to be worth 30% of the final mark. This is why I say that I’m not exempt from Kav’s First Law:-)

The Garage

I don’t have any pictures of this one, but I really should have taken some, because this little task rivalled the landscaping for sheer amount of work. I finally gutted my garage, emptied out all the junk left by previous owners and installed some proper storage for all the crap that actually needs to be in there. I set up more shelving (following up on what I added last year), a tire rack for my second set of tires, a rack of hanging hooks for my workbenches, roller stands and clamps, hooks for my moving dolly and seed spreader, and another rack of hanging hooks for all the shovels, rakes, brooms and other miscellaneous utility items that always seem to take up space. I also put in a lumber rack on the back wall for my spare sheet stock and installed a wall hanger for my wheelbarrow to get it out of the way. On top of all this, I took three femtovan-loads to the dump, sent many, many boxes to be recycled, sold or disposed of eight tires, sent my old couch cushions to the siblings’ new house, took a box of keyboards out to Computer Recyclers, and gave away my old lawnmower.

After all that work, I actually have a pretty usable workshop, which is what I needed for the rabbit hutch and the deck. I still need to do a little more organizing of all the stuff on the shelves, but that can wait for another time. Ironically, the garage will never house the femtovan, as the Thule racks on top make it too high to fit under the door.

The Rabbit Hutch

When my sisters and their zoo moved into the new house, I offered to make a rabbit hutch for the bunnies, so that they could have a properly-sized home. The three of them have been pretty crowded in the one cage, and were getting pretty grumpy to be stuck in it, and later to be locked away in the downstairs room. Little did I know how much work it would be… :-)


In between the hours and hours of back-breaking labour, I managed to still find a few times to get out on the river — I think I would’ve gone insane without it. I’ve been out with various permutations of friends on July 10, July 29, July 31, and August 9.

The Deck

Now that the yard is in more of a maintenance mode and the hutch is done, I’ve finally been able to start working on the frame of the deck. I’m pretty sure I won’t get to the decking this year, but I’d like to have the frame done before the snow hits (and before I have to stop to work on my awnings…sigh…).

2 Responses to “It’s hard to tell if I exist”

  1. Holy CRAP Kav, and I thought Jamie and I were busy! (by the way, I think we need a nickname for Jamie – any ideas?)

    I think we took pics of our garage “before” – I hope we did, because they are supposed to go to the lawyer – but I’ll have to post the “now” pics. We are by no means as organized as you sound yet, and will likely be relying on nails for hooks and I don’t know what for shelves, but we’ll get there.

    I’ll also have to start posting pics of my growing “budha” belly, as Grabber comically referred to hers. (the first friend I had to use this term was Sarah in Michigan, when she went from anorexic-looking vegetarian Celiac – allergic to wheat – to carnivore. I think she gained 5 lb!) Thank God, Jamie says I’m not waddling or anything yet :)


  2. Nickname? “Port convert”… best I can come up with on short notice!

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