"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"
-- Homer Simpson

If wishes were trees

Here’s an interesting article about David Cross (of Mr. Show and Arrested Development fame) dealing with Hollywood crap.

I find it very confusing how movie and TV executives can be so uninterested in someone who is clearly a successful comic with a built-in fan base. He may not be able to pull in Rob Schneider‘s numbers, but it’s not like he’s Carrot Top.

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  1. “Alternative comics, like their alt-rock cousins, are often driven by the belief that (a) the comedy that’s out there is essentially crap, and (b) if they provide something better, the mainstream audience will denounce Rob Schneider’s movies and flock to what they’re offering instead. They’re usually right about the first part, but wrong about the second.”

    I too fear that (b) is not true…*sigh*. Well, I’ll try to sell it anyway.

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