"As with other situations, the key seems to be giving Jayne a heavy stick and standing back."
-- Inara Serra

The World’s Best Diet – Guaranteed!

Ahh – the joys of motherhood!

I’ve quickly come to realize that no one’s looked into breastfeeding as a great form of weight loss (though pregnancy is nonetheless a great way to gain weight…). With boobfeeding, one can go from this:

To this (SMP not included):

In a matter of days I’m back to my regular shirts (porn star boobs notwithstanding), and almost back into my regular pants. Righteous Guy, a true Greek that he is, wants me to keep the “soft little potbelly” I’m sporting now – he says he doesn’t want me to return fully to my pre-preggo state. Funny, and here I was thinking it was the boobs he was most pleased with… (Memo to self: don’t wean SMP too early…)

Cheers all,
Grabber and SMP

5 Responses to “The World’s Best Diet – Guaranteed!”

  1. OK, so how do I get started on the boobfeeding diet? :-)

  2. I thought that the calorie burning potential of boobfeeding was in fact well documented. I’ve certainly heard from multiple sources it’s a super way to help shed pregnancy pounds.

    As an aside, don’t you just love how we create our own vocabulary? I vote to that “boobfeeding” needs to be in the next edition of Webster’s. “Instapoints” is another favourite.

  3. Oh, and Grabber, that is a fantastic photo of you in the sunset! Wow! Where was that? Who took it? And you looked superb!

  4. Thanks Homewrecker – that shutterbug gem was taken by none other than Righteous Guy, at the Brittania Yatch Club (for a wedding, not a sail, alas!). Pretty nifty, no?

  5. Heya Grabber! I love that picture too, it’s beautiful. How many months was that? I’m getting scared about how big I’m getting already, so I’m hanging onto this diet assurance for dear life :) My brother assured me that it is dead obvious its pregnancy and not fat, and I haven’t actually gained all that much, but I’m terrified about a ten-pound baby! YIKES!


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