"They tell ya, "Never hit a man with a closed fist", but it is, on occasion, hilarious."
-- Malcolm Reynolds

Watching the tide roll away

BogMan and I went out for a good sail on Friday, and finally had some solid wind that we could use. It was a little gusty at first, but it settled down after a little while. Last year’s uber-gusty adventure has really made me gunshy went it comes to sudden changes in heeling.

I spent the weekend doing some shopping, working on the deck, and getting out on the bike for a couple of hours of riding…so now I’m in a lot of pain. :-(

3 Responses to “Watching the tide roll away”

  1. I went rock climbing on Friday, and my forearms still hurt, so I know what you mean… then again, rock climbing is nowhere near as punishing as making a deck, so maybe I don’t! That’s a nice looking beam, but the way! :)

  2. The deck-building this weekend wasn’t that bad (although my knees were pretty sore after doing all the post caps on Saturday)…my pain is more from biking downtown and back yesterday… :-)

  3. I don’t hurt at all, of course you biked an extra 12k or so…

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