"Marge, I'm going to miss you so much. And it's not just the sex. It's also the food preparation."
-- Homer Simpson

You got to work to feed the soul

I had a pretty full weekend. Like many of us, I went to SMP’s baby shower on Saturday, which was a blast. SMP herself spent most of the party sleeping in someone’s arms — she went from Kamelot, to me, and then to some other folks as the guests started pouring in. She seems to do well with crowds, which is probably for the best, considering her parents… :-)

On Sunday, I shunned human contact in order to make tons of progress on the deck. Apologies to Premier for not showing up for breakfast, and also to The Grabber for not meeting her and SMP for a customary afternoon coffee. However, all the beams are done! Now I just have to do the header joists around the edges of the lower deck, and then it’s time for many, many joists in the interior.

After spending nine hours doing manual labour yesterday, I’m a little stiff and sore this morning…but it was worth it!

5 Responses to “You got to work to feed the soul”

  1. Is there any photo documentation of SMP’s fest? I need a photo hit of SMP’s glorious progress.

  2. I believe The Grabber does have some (I forgot to bring my camera), so we’ll have to convince her to spend some time uploading them.

    I also do have some pics from a non-fest visit that I’ll be posting soon.

  3. I have pics too, but of course, I have yet to join the digital age, I am still shooting film, so they won’t be ready for a while…

    (now I will cower in anticipation of Kaveman’s contempt!) :)

  4. That’s all right, we’re in the process of straightening you out… :-)

  5. …or at least corrupting me! :)

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