"I hope this has taught you kids a lesson: kids never learn."
-- Chief Clancy Wiggum


George Lucas, marketing whore that he is, has finally sunk to aligning himself with that lowest of lows, that darkest of dark sides, reality TV unscripted programming. The picture at right is the actual image defiling my inbox this morning, sent by those bastards at starwars.com.

Over and over again, last year’s decision to stop watching TV keeps getting re-affirmed. I’ve been loving my new approach (i.e. watching TV programs as they’re released on DVD, via zip.ca). I get to watch pretty much anything I want (albeit a few months after broadcast), and I get better A/V quality, no commercials, and most of all, I don’t have to put up with the vagaries of culturally bereft, ratings-hungry morons (aka network execs) who screw around with the broadcast schedule just to rake in a few extra dollars for the next day’s money fight. The only remnant of that era for me is that I still have to deal with them cancelling quality shows just because the ROI isn’t up to the same standard as having Paris Hilton prance around the world pretending she’d know how to live life without a gajillion dollars.

Oh well, at least it’s only nine more days until Serenity.

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  1. zip.ca hates me! their dvds never get to me, right now i have two of four that are on my ziplist. i feel a strongly worded letter coming on. first i’ll need art…

  2. What? No song lyric for this one? Kav, I’m so disappointed – I mean, yes, it’s challenging, but you’re always up for a challenge, right?

    Oh, and yes, that is truly vile…

  3. Yes, my post headings are usually song lyrics, but I do occasionally sprinkle in movie quotes. The heading for this post was not me screaming, it was a very apt quote from Ep III. Apt! :-)

    Oh, and Kamelot, you’ll be writing that letter in nothing but natural light… :-)

  4. A truly disgusting display, to be sure, though the connection is somewhat apt as well, it’s just an unfortunate ‘official’ tie-in.

    Not sure how this affects your decision to shun TV overall though. I’ll give this season of You’re Fired a chance, to see if the crop of hopefuls is less lame then last time (they’ll have to be).

    However, waiting for DVD for shows like Lost and Family Guy is not an option. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. And BitTorrent kinda kills your image quality argument (not to mention seating quality).

    Maybe I’ll start posting TV critiques here again soon.

    Here’s a preview:

    Lost: awesome
    24: sucks
    new Simpsons season: sucks hard so far
    Family Guy: as good as ever
    West Wing: heating up again

    If I had to limit myself to a handful of first-run shows, it would be FG, Lost, WW, and Amazing Race. Now if only I could manage to reduce the amount of actual hours in front of the tube to just that (plus hockey and football of course – the original Unscripted Programming).

  5. Oh, and almost forgot Prison Break! Great new show.

  6. Yeah… I couldn’t watch Prison Break, because Dad wanted to watch Las Vegas instead… and I missed out on the premiere of Kitchen Confidential because the ‘rents were watching Assassinations. Dad tried to tape it for me, but he blew it…

    Oh, well, I’m getting a lot of reading done!

  7. Oooh, yeah I want to check out Kitchen Confidential also (keep meaning to read the book as well).

    Las Vegas is a show I wanted to like when it first aired, thinking it was going after an Ocean’s 11 level of stylishness. They lost me shortly after hello, with an utterly hokey gambling scene. Not to say that I don’t catch a few minutes of it from time to time for an eyefull of Molly Sims…

  8. See, I have no problem waiting for shows to come out on DVD. It’s not that I’m not eager to see them, it’s just that I’m well aware of the cost of impatience… :-)

    And I agree, downloading TV and movies has never appealled to me, as Kamelot will attest.

  9. I suppose a lot of downloaders burn stuff to DVD and then watch in their living rooms (though I’m sure many freaks watch that stuff from computer chairs on tiny screens), but I wonder if TV/movie piracy will really take off when home wireless networks become much more feasible and common, with the living room setup hooked in to the ‘home PC’.

    I hope to have a setup like that within the next year or so. The technology for it is currently way ahead of the pace of availability of legal internet media content. I guess the studios can always just sue.

  10. A friend of mine has had his Xbox modded to install the Xbox Media Center, and it’s pretty slick. He’s able to download anything he wants, stick it on a network drive, and then uses the XBMC interface to select what he wants to watch. If you don’t have ideological difficulties with downloading, this is definitely the way to go… :-)

  11. There’s nothing freakish about watching tv shows from computer chairs on tiny screens… And Kavi, I notice you forgot to mention the fact that you have a living room computer that is collecting dust, even tho its the perfect set up for downloading TV.

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