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-- Homer Simpson

Saw it through without exemption

Check out the entrance roofing log for a major milestone — the roofing over the front entrance is now in place! Many, many heartfelt thanks go to BogMan, Righteous Guy, Deuce and Digger for coming over for a lot of heavy lifting in the freezing cold. Also, thanks to The Grabber for coming by to act as our medical support, in case of crushed heads or broken bodies… :-)

Now I just need to do the shingles, finish the decking on the porch and put in a railing, and I’ll be done (until spring)!

7 Responses to “Saw it through without exemption”

  1. Wow!

    What’s with those decorative grooves, anyway? :)

  2. Now don’t think the decorative grooves belie anything more than simply mere decoration. As Kav so eloquently puts it when this kind of thing is brought up: “No, I’m not gay”.

  3. By the way, Kaveman, we particularly enjoyed your collection of ropes and pulleys to raise the roof. But, out of curiosity, were they helpful? SMP and I were happily watching you guys through the window (at least while my daughter wasn’t being sucked in by Kav’s corrupting influence: read “Family Guy” DVDs!), but I did notice most of the work seemed more direct, rather than pulley-aided.

    Nonetheless, a job more than well done by the gang – and it was more than entertaining to watch too! How about we raise a barn next time? :D

  4. all of this sounds made up to me .. who would use pullies to do anything … next thing we’ll hear is that you can use pullies to unbend the frame of a truck ..

    you people need to stop making things up ..

    PS vote Quimby ..

    hee hee

  5. Raising a barn would probably be fun, but someone needs to buy some land first… :-)

    The pulleys were helpful, but not as required as I thought they would be…having four manly-men lifting the thing up was much quicker than I expected it to be. The pulleys did provide some vertical support, and an easy way to hold the thing in place while the posts were clamped in, but they also proved more difficult to get out of the way than I thought they would be.

    Meh, it all worked out, though… :-)

  6. Oh, and Deuce, who ever heard of someone using pulleys to fix a truck frame? That’s just crazy talk… :-)

  7. Hey, I need a new shed, we can raise a mini-barn back there! :)

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