"I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!"
-- Abraham Simpson

Dressed up like a million dollar trouper

Although this weekend was quite work-filled for me, I managed to join the gang down at the Canal Ritz for Homewrecker’s birthday festivities. Other than that, though, I have to say this whole being re-dedicated to work thing is really chewing into my spare time… :-)

In what little free time I have, I’ve been very frustrated with the weather lately…the unbelievably atypical Ottawa winter is not providing a whole lot of opportunity for outdoor activities. I’m still signed up for the 29km Keskinada, but at the rate I’m going, there’s no way I’ll be ready.

Oh well, enough griping. Leonard Lee (of Lee Valley) is apparently having quite a spat with Canada Post. This isn’t the first time that issues have arisen with taxpayer-funded corporations — I remember a few years ago that the various privately-held Canadian television networks were complaining that the CBC was airing programming without any commercial breaks, something that the private networks were unable to do without suffering a huge loss (I wish I could find a link to a news story about this, but Google has surprisingly failed me in this regard).

If I was better rested, I’d probably rant about the use of public funds to undercut or otherwise aggressively compete with private sector business. However, I think I’ll just go to bed instead… :-)

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  1. Ummm… perhaps I am going to regret saying this, as I have not read the entire site, only the “history of the problem”… but I think that Lee Valley’s beef is that they are being overcharged. As they are not in the courier business, they are in the tool making business, using public funds to agressively compete with private sector is not the main issue here; it’s the fact that Canada Post is overcharging, and the Weights and Measures Act having not gazetted their regulations is powerless to stop them.

    Funny… Measurement Canada can come into my cafeteria and prohibit the use of china plates for the salad bar, because the china plates vary a wee bit in weight and you could overcharge a customer a tad on their salad, so now our cafeteria in an Environment Canada building uses styrofoam instead. But they can’t get Canada Post to clean up their act? Très bizarre…

  2. That would be an awfully left-field rant Kaveman, hard to believe that other networks would feel threatened by anything CBC is showing.

    And how would you describe this winter as atypical apart from the January thaw being a bit early?

  3. Homewrecker, you’re right about the primary focus of Lee’s issue, but if you read more, you’ll see some description of how publicly-funded Canada Post outlets are competing in the “convenience store” market.

    Boyo, the issue was with CBC scheduling prime-time programming in a sweeps month that was in direct competition with the private networks, and they chose to forgo commercials as a marketing stunt to get more viewers. If memory serves (this was a few years ago), I think it was a showing of Forest Gump.

    And the winter’s atypical in that we keep getting a thaw every few days!

  4. Well, that is what is going to happen everytime we keep trying to make a publicly funded organisation more “business” like and competitive… (sorry, personal pet peeve; I don’t have “clients”, I have regulatees, but the word “clients” just insists on showing up in all sr. managmeent presentations! :) )

    Gotta agree with you on the winter, though. Got splashed by a car this morning. This should NOT be happening in January!

  5. Hey, it’s snowing all day today in London, I’m not complaining! of course, it might be gone by tomorrow at the rate this month has been going…. I’m hoping to get out for a quick 45 minute ski with my husband before he has to go for dinner, and before I go into labour, tonight after he gets home from work!

    Ack, the waiting is killing me….

  6. Wait, you’re going into labour tonight after he gets home from work? I wasn’t aware that it was all that predictable… :-)

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