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Canadians are idiots

Well, we went and did it…a Conservative minority. And not even a weak minority — we went and gave Harper a minority government where all three of the other parties need to unite in order to bring it down. Which means we’re probably stuck with him for at least two or three years, and quite possibly a full term.

Of course, Martin’s done. There’ll probably be a Liberal leadership convention in less than a year now, and my bet is that someone like John Manley will end up as the new leader of the federal Liberals, along the theory that they need a younger face to go up against Harper next time. Unfortunately, Manley has all the charisma and leadership potential of a rainbow trout. I’m starting to think that this minority government is going to pave the way to a Conservative majority, which will be a disaster for this country.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is Jean Chretien’s legacy…the destruction of Paul Martin at the expense of the federal Liberals and of Canada. Chretien held out long enough after removing Martin from cabinet to let the future PM’s popularity of 2000/2001 wear off, but not long enough that the sponsorship scandal could rightly be pinned on him politically.

Beyond everything else, though, I’m most upset with the Canadian voters — we are stuck in this perpetual loop where we never vote for anyone, we only vote against them. Every single change in federal government (and some of the provincial ones, for that matter) for the last thirty years (or more) has been us moronic Canucks voting someone out. And then we get all huffy about the new guy that’s left saying “Holy crap, I won“. It’s as if we don’t care enough about ourselves to do something positive, but we’re always up for a little passive-aggressive voting to really screw ourselves over.


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  1. I don’t know, Kaveman… I’m not sure which is scarier; Canadians voting for the Conservatives because they are voting against the Liberals (and I know you also thought the Liberals were far to comfy in the seat of power) or voting for the Conservatives because they actually agree with Harper.

  2. I have no problem with Canadians voting for who they agree with. If the majority of this country were to actually agree with the Conservative agenda, then they are indeed who should be in power (and for now let’s leave off the discussion of how parties don’t need a majority of the citizenry to support them in order to form a majority government). I may not agree with those people, but I can respect their decision (and their right to make that decision).

    The ones for whom I have absolutely zero respect or tolerance are the people who went into the voting booths saying “this’ll teach those no-good Liberals a lesson!”. These are the same people who give in to road rage in order to teach other drivers a “lesson”.

  3. But haven’t you been wanting to teach the Liberals a lesson too? ;)

    btw, it won’t be necessary for all three parties to unite (even though that wouldn’t be that hard vs the Cons) to bring the gov’t down, Con + NDP = 153 right now, not enough. It has been rumoured that those two guys have some kind of understanding right now, but their seat total didn’t quite make it, so if the Libs and BQ gang up that will be enough.

    I was almost hoping the Cons would finally win so that all the rabble-rousers (and the rabble for that matter) would shut the hell up for a year. Had the Liberals won again I’d be afraid to leave the house without a helmet because of the backlash.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

  4. interesting article

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the number of votes needed to bring down the gov’t?

  6. 155. So if either the NDP or the Conservatives had gotten 2 more seats the NDP would have held the balance of power and there would have been the possibility of a coalition government (though the mind boggles at a Conservative/NDP coalition!). I disagree with KaveMan that it is a strong majority, the pundits are saying it’s a weak majority, since the Conservatives have no clear allies, and they are always going to have to scramble and negotiate to get those 31 votes in order to get anything done…which to my mind is a good thing, because everyone is going to have to sit down and find common ground, since they know they’ll just piss off the electorate if they fail and there’s yet ANOTHER election.

  7. Yeah, but what everyone seems to be forgetting is that the Bloc are mostly former PCs, and there’s a certain synergy between the Conservatives and the BQ: the BQ can deliver the votes to keep the Conservatives in power, and all they’ll ask for is steps towards sovereignty. Since Harper doesn’t really give two craps about Quebec, he’ll be happy to promise anything that’s needed to get Duceppe’s support.

    Or maybe I’m being cynical… :-)

  8. yeah, I don’t see that scenario playing out, Kav.

  9. “I really don’t understand Ontario. Perhaps I never will. Maybe theft is cool for Ontarians, I dunno…”

    And I don’t understand people who trot out this tired refrain…

    Maybe theft is cool for Ontarians? No, maybe (many) Ontarians choose not to pin past transgressions on the current members of that party simply because they have deep-rooted ideological issues with them and need an excuse to be outraged about something.

  10. Theft vs losing same sex marriage, right to abortion, etc? Yes, you bet I’ll take theft! NO, it’s not cool, but since I’m not a bible-thumping wingnut who can’t see past the glittering lure of a tax cut, I still think the current Conservative alternative is worse…

    Of course, I’d prefer a REAL alternative, which gives me what I believe in without mismanagment of the public purse, and I did vote for it, but unfortunately not enough people followed suit…

  11. I wonder if a Con-Bloc coalition would lead to some of those mind-boggling American style bills… You know, the “strange bedfellows” type bills where to get passed, they tack on completely unrelated issues to satisfy different sides (the most recent one – which thankfully was shot down (pun not intended) – in which the “support our troops” bill would only be voted on positively by some members if the originators tacked on a “let’s be allowed to drill for oil in Alaskan wildlife refuge land” caveat). Though I suppose in some twisted way, getting one’s oil from one’s own country, instead of from another country in which one’s troops are being killed, is somehow supportive of the military force in Iraq?

    I echo Kav. Sigh…

  12. That RCMP investigation thing really pissed me off.

    And then the phantom poll showing the Cons with a huge lead.

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