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As Kaveman is silent…

Since there are some interesting political doings in the news lately, and Kaveman must be too busy to comment, I thought I might just jump in… I feel somewhat vindicated that after all the talk of shameful Liberal scandal, it turns out Mulroney took kickbacks too. (Oh, OK, he took them after he left office… whatever.) I’ve always suspected that the Liberals were no more corrupt than any other party in power, and this seems to be a little bit of evidence that this may be so.

However, I’m particularly interested in the defection of David Emerson. Grabber, BirdLady and I ran into someone who had worked for him when we were out on Tuesday night, and this person confessed that it really was a surprise to everyone who thought they knew the man well. I find myself more disturbed by this change of allegiance than Belinda’s, and I had to ask myself why. All I can come up with really is that Stronach, whatever her personal motives may have been, did make the case that she did not believe that the Conservatives really had the best interests of her urban riding at heart, and that her move was best for her constituents. Since they re-elected her, a significant number of her constituents appear to back her on this. What I’ve read about Emmerson, however, seems to indicate that this is more about personal politics and less about the people he was elected to represent. (That it is also about personal power goes without saying…)

Is there actually a difference between these two cases?

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  1. As a commentator on CBC radio said “divorces happen, and sometimes it’s a good thing that they happen. But usually it’s a long slow process. In Emmerson’s case, he ditched the bride during the wedding reception: the marriage itself was in bad faith”. Yes, most such crossings of the floor have an element of personal gain as well as political ideology. But Stronach as a new MP in a new, evolving party can make a much more valid argument for political/ideological differences than a former cabinet minister in a well-established party.

    In trying to evaluate my outrage over the incident, it’s not Harper’s blatant hypocrisy (which I pretty much expected)that gets me: it’s the betrayal of the democratic process. It’s a scary prospect that someone can run on one platform, and then switch immediately afterwards. The conservatives were a distant third in that riding, Emmerson can’t argue that he is better representing the values and interests of his consitutents by switching parties!

  2. I agree, there is definitely a difference in the two cases, and not just because Belinda was vindicated by re-election. There is evidence to support her story of simmering dissatisfaction with the Conservative party, and the verbal abuse (of a sexist nature) that she received upon switching supported her arguments as well. Yes, her swtich was opportunistic, but one has to wonder if Emmerson wasn’t thinking about this during the campaign.

    The other interesting story right now is the Defence Minister, Gordon O’Connor, having previously been retained by Airbus to lobby DND. It’s a very mild story right now but worth watching.

    The Mulroney thing should be nothing new. It’s frustrating to see how short the memories of the electorate are, people seemed to have forgotten how reviled Mulroney was by the time he left office. He was easily more corrupt than the Liberals could ever strive to be.

    Part of me wanted the Conservatives to win this election so that their knee-jerk whiny supporters could see (or be reminded) how this all really works for politicians of any colour. I just didn’t think it would start so soon.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget that Harper said he was against appointed Senators.

  3. All I can say is that I worked at Rideau hall the Day the Muldoons signed over the Govt to Kim Campbell .. and i never saw a Guy so happy to leave somewhere in my life .. he had a Jeep Cherokee waiting at the Front door .. he got in and his tires Squealed as he drove down the driveway.. just like a crook leaving a job in a hurry.

    Gordon Oconnor .. well didn’t know about that .. the military Airbus’s are fantastic however.. so fair enough.. the only thing i want as a Soldier is for the Minister to listen to advice ..( make up his own mind / or at least defend the priorities of his portfolio to Cabinet. I am concerned that as a Former General from the BAD years of Political Ass kissing general that he is not the right person for the job, What DNd and Canada does not need now is that.

    The CDS and the senior leadership of DND are finally all working in the same direction and with real Tactical and strategic goals .. and if the Minister ends up being some Yahoo .. it will be bad for everyone.

    Anyway to Review .. Mulrooney a Crook – Minister — TBC — conservatives in Power– TBC . The Emerson guy being surprised his constituents are pissed .. come on there glue smoker what did you think would happen ..doesn’t mean it was wrong ..

    Vote Quimby

  4. Thanks for bringing up this little political tidbit, Homewrecker. And might I add, I’ve never seen my buddy Jascha ever look so unkempt! (He’s normally clean-shaven, perfect suit, and every inch the MP-in-training). It’s scary to have heard Jascha say he “knows exactly how much cream he (Emmerson) puts in his coffee”, and yet he (Jascha) was blind-sided by the defection… Guess even the inner circle wasn’t briefed on this political move.

    Any way you look at this, Emmerson is an opportunist hoping to bed down with the ruling party. Here’s hoping that come election time, unlike Belinda, he WON’T get re-elected in his riding. Turncoat indeed…

  5. Saw Emmerson quoted in the news today saying that he was in fact doing the best for his constituents as he was pursue exactly the same agenda that he was pushing for as a liberal candidate. How, exactly, does he figure he’ll be able to do that? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on!

  6. At least Stronach had been with the party a while, ran for leadership, lost and could say she didn’t agree with the direction the newly formed party, lead by Harper was going.

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