"Uh, your Honor, can I call for one of those bad trial thingys?"
-- Lionel Hutz

For you new mothers

I had no idea breastfeeding could be so difficult!

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  1. Crap I could/should teach that .. ..uhm nothing ..

  2. Ah, the memories of those lovely first three weeks of breastfeeding come back now… :D

    Nonetheless, I’m still puzzled as to how she managed to spend $1000! My only expenses? Lanolin nipple cream (Ev got that, so not sure how much it cost), breast pads (again, Ev picks them up for me – can I say what an amazing hubby I’ve got? :D ), and electric breast pump (at $395, by far the most expensive thing). The Public Health nurse visit to check up on my boob-feeding (all new moms who are discharged from hospital in Ottawa get an automatic visit 2 days later, if they want) was free. Compared to formula, though (cost of formula, need to sterilize equipment/bottles constantly, etc), it’s small potatoes!

    And I know you boys at this blog were of course dying to know the above info!

  3. Actually, the part that’s most amusing is the thought of Righteous Guy standing in front of the nipple cream shelf trying to decide which brand to buy! :-)

  4. Ummm… there’s a whole SHELF? :D

  5. Actually, I don’t know if there’s a shelf, cause my hubby was the one who got the Lanolin as well! However, my midwife gave me a prescription (they have a standing order with an OB in Toronto who founded the La Leche league, which is a breastfeeding organization) for an amazing cream that I got filled after the first week and has saved my life. I swear, anyone who claims ‘breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt’ hasn’t met my Hoover of a daughter! :)

  6. Righteous Guy wanted to make it known that in fact he is a SUPERB hubby: I’d forgotten that he actually had to order my nipple cream in (since they didn’t have the brand I liked at the pharmacy). And consequently had to do what every male dreads – answering questions about his wife’s boob-feeding issues with an unknown pharmacist. What I wouldn’t have given to have been there: “And what exactly is the problem, sir?”, “Well, my wife’s poor nipples are sore and cracked with breastfeeding, and she has this specific cream in mind…” :)

  7. Which probably sounded more liked “um…my wife…mumble, mumble…sore…mumble, mumble…feeding…mumble, mumble…cream?” :-)

  8. Hmmm, that kind of vagueness could just as easily wind up with him coming home with a Monistat kit! :D

  9. Ok, not only is my daughter a Hoover, but I thought you should all get to hear some of the funny additional things that can happen when breastfeeding… towards the end of a feeding when Morgan gets fussy, she beats on my boobs with her little fists, and if I don’t keep her nails trimmed, she likes to pretend she’s a cat and dig her nails into my boobs in ecstasy. Oh, the things they don’t tell you about parenting. :)

  10. SMP does the boob-beating thing too (furious flailing of limbs, arms and legs) – Ev and I call it “tenderizing her meal”! No scratching though – only of herself (she manages to scratch either her eyebrow area or her ears (she rubs her eyes and grabs her ears when she’s tired)). Despite being a doctor who shoots foot-long needles into kidneys at 85 kph (God love those biopsy guns!), I confess I still find it nerve-wracking to trim my ever-energetic daughter’s nails!

  11. Limbo, are you sure you didn’t give birth to a kitten?

  12. Well, even if Jamie and I are pretty sure she’s not feline, Sienna’s not convinced – she follows us both around constantly and sets up a watching station on the bed when Morgan is napping!

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