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More movie musings

I think I found a movie worse than Fantastic Four:

Two For The Money. Avoid this piece of crap at all costs. One might call Pacino’s over-acted (as usual) character sociopathic and schizophrenic, but it’s just bad writing. Horrible writing. The editing is almost worse. You could chop this movie into pieces (please do) and rearrange them and it wouldn’t make any difference. I won’t waste any more bandwidth on this except to express disappointment at the too-kind lukewarm reviews, and to say that the one bright spot here is that this kind of filth gives me inspiration to do more writing of my own, knowing that there are hacks like that actually making money.

Breaking my string of slanderous pans, I very much enjoyed Lord of War. I’m not a huge fan of Nic Cage but he was ideal for this role. The cinematography and soundtrack are both top-notch, and the script is peppered with cheeky, though often dark, humour. The social and political commentary is set at just the right tone and leaves pause for thought without being too preachy or dominating the story. The good versus evil stare down at the end is the perfect climax to the gradually-built character metaphors.

“I would tell you to go to Hell, but you’re already there.”

Highly recommended viewing.

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  1. Righteous Guy and I both enjoyed Lord of War immensely – while the various warlords seemed almost comical in parts, there was always the chilling undertone about the cheapness of the value of a human life in those parts of the world, coupled with a pragmatic view of the futility of thinking too far ahead in those situations. Case in point: when approached by two gorgeous call girls in Liberia (with the underthought that they’re probably HIV positive, given the stats on that disease in the country), the protagonists declines their advances for that very reason. Their answer? Why worry about developing AIDS in 20 years, when you’ll probably be gunned down/murdered well before then? Creepy…

    I also highly recommed the movie, though this ain’t no Hollywood feel-good story. It puts our supposed “problems” here in the developed world in perspective: we’ve got little to complain about…

  2. Apparently Ultraviotlet sucks the big one too – one to avoid. The only reason my friend didn’t leave is that he was determined not to completely kiss his $10 goodbye, but other audience members were not so stingy and walked out in the first 20 minutes.

  3. Too bad, it seemed like a nice March escapism movie.

    Looks very much like Kill Bill-meets-Resident Evil-meets-I,Robot.

    I notice a trend in the last few years…instead of bad movies merely copying a successful formula, they combine elements from successful formulae…

    “So you like swordplay, eh?”

  4. Inskidently, amid all the whining from Hollywood about declining box office income, which they love to blame on P2P piracy (even though they know damn well they make more money from DVDs than from the theatre anyway), I played around on one of my fave sites, metacritic.com, and compiled an average index for the top 10 highest scoring movies of each of last five years (each movie’s score being an aggregate of critic’s reviews).

    Yes, the overall top 10 average critic’s rating has gone down steadily in the last five years. I might broaden the study to include all the movies for which a score is available.

    Quoth the studios: “I’m entitled to my entitlements.”

  5. Interesting fact: The 2006 best picture winner overall theatrical gross was just over 53 mil, while the 2003 best picture theatrical gross was only about 2 mil less than that… for the opening weekend… of course that was lotr:rotk…

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