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Is “Serenity” too geeky a name?

I haven’t been around much lately. Work has lately been my life, but I do occasionally find time to stop for food and sometimes even sleep!

My current big news, though, is that I might be buying a boat! After watching the for-sale pages and listings for a year and a half, the little gem to the right showed up this weekend. It’s a Viking 22, which is very much a day-sailor masquerading as a yacht. It has a large cockpit and a small cabin, which is pretty much what I was looking for in a starter boat. I’m giving up on the goals of wheel steering and an inboard engine, but that was pretty much a pipe dream in my price range anyway… :-)

The current owner is a gent in his 70s who’s retired and isn’t going to be sailing anymore. I’m getting a marine survey done later this week, and assuming there aren’t any big surprises, I should own the thing within a couple of weeks…and then I just have to figure out how to get it here from Southern Ontario.

More info to come!

21 Responses to “Is “Serenity” too geeky a name?”

  1. Road trip! woo!

  2. That’s awesome!

    Unfortunately though, the answer to the original question is “yes”.

    “Firefly” could work, though I realize it’s not quite the same, and probably taken anyway.

  3. Congrats!

    Well, you could always claim that “Serenity” is buddhist, not geeky (though of course, we’d all know the truth :) ). Then again, when has being geeky every been a problem? I think Firefly’s a great name for a little boat, and if that’s taken, you’ves still got Zoe, River, Kaylee and Enara as options :) .

    On the topic of Firefly: I just read in a magazine that Nathan Fillion is Canadian (which I didn’t know) and that people are saying he should be the next Indiana Jones…

  4. I concur that “Firefly” is indeed the superior name. The next big question is whether Birdlady is willing to paint flames on it! :D

    Congrats, and though I know you’re getting it inspected, we just know you have already SOOOOOO bought this beaut!

    BTW, does this mean we get to call you “Skipper” from now on? ;)

  5. nice boat .. you could always try and sail it back

  6. When has being Buddhist not been geeky? :p

  7. Southern Ontario? Woo hoo! Who’s up for an overnight stay with Morgan waking you up at 4:00am? (can’t complain though, since that’s the only time she gets up!)

  8. Y’know, if I can’t name her Serenity, I don’t think I’d be falling back on “Kaylee”…

    Now, calling her the “Jayne Cobb” might be interesting… :-)

  9. You should name it blue sun, then if anyone asks you can say you don’t know what the name means.

  10. Or I could just run into the nearest corner and start rocking gently back and forth while muttering “Two by two, hands of blue” over and over again.

    I guess “Blue Sun” is less likely to have already been taken…and the boat is blue… :-)

    I’d like to say that naming her “Blue Sun” would make me sound vaguely menacing…but only to geeks, so I’m not sure if that counts…

  11. Oh, and Grabber, anyone who calls me “Skipper” will be automatically nicknamed “little buddy” and get smacked on the head with my hat… :-)

  12. Well played.

  13. whatever Skipper ,

    PS don’t hit me with your hat

  14. It’s a deal, Kaveman – if nothing else, just to see you parade about in that silly hat! :D Though, I suspect, you may ditch it quickly when people start asking you when you joined the Village People…

  15. OK, none of the Village People wore a skipper’s hat…but on that subject, here’s some interesting news.

  16. Please. The only suitable boat name is the naughty lass! But I’ll grudgingly accept tne Zoe…

  17. I like that ‘blue sun’ name

  18. Yea, blue sun would be a totally bitchin’ name

  19. We want Blue Sun! We want Blue Sun!

  20. Yea, Blue Sun’s the name to go with

  21. blue sun is cool

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