"Don't you ever stand for that sort of thing. Someone tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back!"
-- Malcolm Reynolds

I noticed every Tom, Dick and Harry really liked “Blue Sun”…

Sadly, I won’t be purchasing the cute little Viking 22 I’ve been looking at. I had a marine survey done, and there are significant structural problems with the boat that would be muchos dolares to fix.

The good news is that it’s spring, and everyone’s listing their boats for sale, so I’m still hunting for that opportunity to have a little slice of heaven on the river… :-)

I’m a little stiff and sore this morning…after a long week of 17-hour work days, I decided to take a nap after work yesterday…I went to sleep at 4pm, and then woke up about half an hour ago. 14 hours of sleep has left me a little fuzzy-headed, but I’m definitely better rested now!

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  1. Can I help it if my name was the fan favorite?

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