"Listen Lois, I know you're a feminist and I think that's adorable, but this is grown-up time and I'm the man."
-- Peter Griffin

I remembered my password!

Hiya folks…

so it took about a year, but i finally remembered my username/password combo

i decided to drop a line, b/c appallingly, no one has since the beginning of april

now lets see if i know how to insert pictures

aren’t bunnies the best!

where are the bunnies???? stupid blog

aha! bunnies

never mind… i give up…

3 Responses to “I remembered my password!”

  1. Welcome back to the blog, HP! :-) I did a small edit on your post so that people could actually see the picture of the bunnies on their screen…if they click on the picture, they’ll get the full-size version.

    Also, I saw you uploaded one of Chloe as well…very cute!

  2. I think we’ll be seeing a much stronger bunny prescence on the blog now that you and mom got her that camera…

  3. Finally, people are posting again! I’ve been missing you guys!

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