"This has purple in it. Purple is a fruit."
-- Homer Simpson

It takes control and slowly tears you apart

Scientists have apparently figured out how to design the cloaking shield from Trek lore, and they’ve demonstrated it experimentally, albeit not yet with visible light. They’ve been able to make a copper cylinder disappear on radar, which is the first step towards expanding the concept towards making something truly invisible. This is different from current stealth technology, which only makes stealth craft extremely difficult to lock onto with radar beams.

Personally, I think that Porky’s fans everywhere are getting that special gleam in their eyes… :-)

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  1. Hmm, that all sounded pretty exciting right up until you said “not with visible light”. Doesn’t quite fit my definition of invisible…

  2. Conceptually, being invisible to radar is similar to being invisible to the human eye, it’s just that the wavelengths that have to be bent around the object are much smaller for visible light (that’s why they did radar first). According to one of the articles I read, it only took them 5 months to achieve the invisibility to radar (granted, with a simple structure, i.e. the copper cylinder).

    Now that they’ve checked off that box, they can move to the “make things invisible to humans” item on their list… :-)

  3. But will there be technology to allow for viewing of said invisible objects with special glasses in cereal boxes? :D Or, I suppose, you could simply just walk about with your arms flailing until you hit something…

  4. Yea, people have weird definitions of invisibility

  5. Yeah, call me back when they get to “invisible to humans”. Then I’ll be impressed. Cloaked ships ALWAYS disappear on ST…

    In the meantime, I’d like to see about procuring Kamelot’s extrememly visible sphere to decorate my living room with!! :D

  6. Comidically it would be quite the focal point of the room….

    There was something unsettling about it that i just couldn’t put my finger on until i saw this photo of it being constructed. It looks like it belongs in one of the matrix movies on the side of the computers. Seriously guys, the future is now.

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