"Do you believe it now, Trinity?"
-- Morpheus

Somewhere, beyond…dammit, already used a lyric from that song…

One of the things that has been occupying my time over the last few weeks has been sailing…three friends and I took the CYA Basic Cruising course in August (which, despite the name, has nothing to do with guerilla dating).

(For those who actually pay attention to this blog–poor souls–this was the same course I mentioned in an earlier post. We did actually get things sorted out after a sketchy first-weekend.)

Sailing Lessons From left to right, that’s Righteous Guy, BogMan, The Grabber, and then me. Of course, these names mean nothing to anyone, seeing as of the three others, only The Grabber has actually posted here, and even then it was only a sentence or two… :-)

We’ve been practising some on the Ottawa River (we were just out yesterday–yay!), and hope to continue with this oh-so-expensive pastime. I’ve actually joined the Nepean Sailing Club, which, in Ottawa circles, is not quite as hoity-toity as the Brittania Yacht Club. Still, it is yet another step in the rampant yuppification that has become my life.

In an attempt to avoid talking myself into buying a boat right away, I’ve also joined the Keelboat Syndicate, a name that makes me think I should be sailing in a trenchcoat and a fedora, spouting tough-guy lines.

Still, this would be sweet…

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