"If he's so smart, how come he's dead?"
-- Homer Simpson

C is for…um, a sometimes food…

Yesterday was the Nepean Sailing Club‘s Haulout Day, which means they had two massive cranes pulling boats out of the water and placing them onto their storage cradles for the winter. I didn’t have Serenity pulled out just yet, as I’m trying to find a decent day to get one last sail in before I really call the season done.

BTW, sailboats just don’t look right when they’re lifted out of the water.

I’ve found the theme song for my life on the Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack. I don’t actually hate everyone I know, but I’m very entertained by the song’s cheerful disdain for the throngs of idiot humanity out there… :-)

3 Responses to “C is for…um, a sometimes food…”

  1. Love the song. This morning friend and I were also complaining about people who were just getting in the way… Given the fact that this sort of thing seems to piss off the majority of humanity, it’s surprising that so many people still behave in such an annoying, rage inducing way!!

  2. Yeah, but if everyone else is an idiot, why bother to treat them with any respect? The people I’ve known who do some of these stupid rage-indcing things seem to have the general attitude that everyone else is a jerk so it doesn’t matter if you piss them off. Seems like a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy/vicous cycle to me! :)

  3. Funny how lyers always assume that everyone is lying to thenm, honest people are gullible, and jerks assume everyone else is a jerk!!

    Hmmm… reminds me about lectures about Prisoner’s dilemma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner's_dilemma) and the evolution of cooperation and cheating (http://www.taumoda.com/web/PD/setup.html)… There will always be jerks so long as it is beneficial to them to be jerks!

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