"She's terse. I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic...if I'm not gonna talk, then you have to!"
-- Hoban Washburn

Oh no I’ve said too much

For the first time in my life, I’ve managed to come down with a case of laryngitis. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Dr. Grabber has informed that it is indeed viral, so I just have to suffer through it…

It came on pretty quick…I’ve had a cold for most of the last week, provided quite helpfully by our little Typhoid Mary of the group. Then, yesterday my voice just started disappearing in the afternoon. I went from discussing the issues over breakkie (by which I mean making silly noises with little miss SMP) to no voice by the evening.

I’m finding this not being able to talk thing quite disruptive to my life. Teleconferences at work are of course out of the question, as are my frequent rants about executive management, interspersed with the occasional vitriolic diatribe over the state of the Canadian political landscape. Take those away, and what’s the point of even leaving the house in the morning? :-)

Oh, one note for the bloggers…I’ve added a new Comment Policy on the blog, primarily so that I can make commenters have to check a little box that they’ve read the comment policy before submitting a comment. This only will be required if you haven’t logged into the blog (for those who have an account), but be sure to check the box if it’s there–otherwise, your comment will be lost. I’m hoping that this will reduce the comment spam a little…I’ve had over five thousand spam comments in the last ten days, so I wanted to take an extra step against it.

3 Responses to “Oh no I’ve said too much”

  1. What are friends (and their daughters) for, if not to instill more immunity to communicable diseases on the gang? Our little Typhoid Mary has made Kaveman, myself, and Righteous Guy immune to yet another rhinovirus (cold virus) – we should be celebrating this opportunity! Hot milk and honey, anyone? :D

  2. Yes, it’s always good to give the old immune system a workout! It’s interesting, when I travel I seem to not get as sick as other travellers, I do wonder if a childhood abroad helped my white blood cells become a little more robust! nteresting thing about laryngitis… I lost my speaking voice once, but was still able to sing in the choir concert I had that same night… perhaps you could render your rants about executive managment in an operatic style? (Oh, what I would be willing to pay to see that! :D )

    I’m noticing that with the nifty new login policy I can’t just leave myself logged in anymore & have to login every day… bummer!!

  3. Kavi does love the musicals… I can picture it now, Office Space: The Musical!

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