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-- Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

So it seems I must have won

I didn’t get a chance to post about this last week, but Ottawa’s mayoral race resulted in a bit of a surprise for most of our crowd…I’m pretty sure all of us had pegged it as a showdown between Munter (the pinko lefty) and Chiarelli (the populist middle-of-the-road guy). When the big-business right-wing guy took the race, I guess we all got a reminder that Ottawa tends to be a reasonably conservative town…something that may have been masked in the last decade by the growing geek quadrant that has been somewhat stifled in recent years.

Also last weekend, the boat came out of the water. BogMan and I got out for one last (and very cold) sail on the Friday before taking the batteries out (well, actually, he took the batteries out by climbing under the cockpit again…I just directed from above). Then on Saturday, Righteous Guy joined BogMan and I in lowering the mast, while The Grabber and SMC watched from a safe distance. Then, finally, on Sunday, BogMan and I pulled the boat out of the water (with the help of one of the sailing club service providers), and wrapped it up like a big blue enchilada. Only six more months before the next sailing season… :-(

Last but not least, BNL has provided another song for the soundtrack of my life. This one hasn’t bumped the already-established theme song, but it’s definitely on the “Songs About and Inspired By” CD… :-)

3 Responses to “So it seems I must have won”

  1. Apparently the carrier monkey got a name change, unless it’s a new acronym I’m no longer ‘with it’ enough to know about, like ‘So Much Cuteness’ or maybe ‘Some Marzipan Comment’. I don’t want to concern anyone but I think I may have puked out the part of my brain that does long division.
    Ok, so the pile of dirt was a burito, the boat is an enchilada, I’m beginning to wonder if at some point you’re going to deep fry your van and call it a chimichanga.

  2. No, actually, that was a typo on my part…”SMC” was supposed to be “SMP”…unless The Grabber and Righteous Guy actually gave birth to a semi-successful network equipment company… :-)

    That’ll put bandwidth in your pie plate, bingo!

  3. Given your propensity for giving me cards with apes on the front and jokes about poop-flingin on the inside, I think you need Another Postcare of Chimpanzees on the soundtrack to your life as well!! :D

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