"The deep south? Isn't that the place where the black guys are really lazy and all the white guys are just as lazy but they're mad at the black guys for being so lazy?"
-- Peter Griffin

Good morning, Ottawa!

Hi all -

Well Homewrecker recently told me that the Blog was back up and running again. Three cheers for KaveMan! Now that I’ve crawled out from under the heavy breastfeeding fog (read about the realities of Mommy Brain), I’m ready to add to my own growing anxiety about my upcoming thesis proposal deadline by wiling away the hours on the Blog!

Here’s a picture of my latest accomplishment doing her thing (read: being cute).

Oh, and if someone helpful can tell me how to put a link in my post, I’d appreciate it…

6 Responses to “Good morning, Ottawa!”

  1. Very extremely cute…but is MB getting kickbacks on the product placement? An early college fund, mayhap? :-)

    Oh, and you can put links in your post by highlighting the text you want to link, then clicking on the ‘link’ icon (looks like a little piece of chain in the GUI HTML editor).

  2. I think i’ll worry when i see ‘Pepsi’ painted across that cutesy wootsy little nose. Although I could swear some old guy told me to smoke while i was looking at that picture…

  3. Not now, Jerry…

  4. I know, she SHOULD be getting paid for the Gap advert. However, since it’s only being circulated to us, I’m not sure they would see the benefit :) Maybe if I showed them the pic with Gap on the bum, they’d buy it? :)

  5. Hey KaveMan – I just figured out that the web icons that appear in the text box when writing a post are actually not there on a Mac (of course, having never seen them, I had no idea what you were talking about until I viewed it on a PC at school). Perhaps a browser issue. THAT’s why I’ve been having so much trouble!!! I’m going to try it on FireFox to see if it is better, as that often resolves any web issues I run into using a Mac.

  6. Which browser do you normally use on your Mac?

    (everyone, please note how I’m completing forsaking the opportunity for blatant mockery of all things Mac here…I think I’m growing as a person… :-) )

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