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-- Bob Terwilliger

Nations abound

Further to yesterday’s brunch discussion re: Quebec as a nation, BC premier Gordon Campbell is calling to have the aboriginal peoples of Canada collectively acknowledged as a nation in the same way that Quebec was.

I figured this would be next, but my problem is that I disagree with lumping all of our aboriginal peoples together into one “third solitude”. This is by no means a homogeneous group, even if they do seem themselves as “nations within a nation”.

If we are going to acknowledge the Quebecois as a nation, then you clearly have to also acknowledge the many other nations within Canada. Although it might make for a lengthy proclamation, it’s not such a bad thing, really; I recall more than 15 years ago a TV special hosted by an anthropologist (& funded by the Body Shop) looking at aboriginal peoples worldwide. At the time, he hailed Canada as being a model for the world – many nations within one state. It would be nice to see it happen.

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