"Principal Skinner, I got car sick in your office."
-- Ralph Wiggum

I’m off to play Messiah….

Well everyone, the season must be here. I am on my way to my first Messiah rehearsal of the season. This year I am playing first oboe, which is great because I am playing parts that I sing when we go to the Sing-Along with Tafelmusik in Toronto (soprano). It’s not great because I know the 2nd part so well that my fingers refuse to read the 1st part. This is the first rehearsal of only two, two performances and then the Sing-Along. It’s just not Christmas without them, to me. You should try it sometime :)

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  1. Cool! Try not to get too “Messiah”-ed out by the end (my dad regales me with stories of his forced visits to listen to “Messiah” as a child, and the way he’d talk about it, you’d think it was a form of torture!). Are you playing oboe in London, and singing in Toronto? Are you still a soprano? I feel like my voice has gotten lower over time, or maybe it’s just the whole authoritarian doctor tone that I take on when parents ask “I know you’re the medical student – when’s the REAL doctor coming in to see us?” :D

    Enjoy both Messianistic masterpieces!

  2. Well, I guess if anything goes amiss, the police will be busy taking witness arias…

    (Yes, that is indeed how far I’ll reach just to squeeze in a Buffy reference :-) )

  3. Ha ha!

    I’ve asked my mum to go to Messiah with me this year. Unlike Grabber’s dad, I love going! I’d love to try to sing along, too – I think I’ll try to plan to come down to Toronto next year!

  4. Actually I find that I can’t really sing alto anymore, but truly, I am a mezzo, not a ‘real’ soprano. Lucky for me, a) there is one movement that calls for second sopranos (soprani, I suppose), and b) Tafelmusik is an ‘authentic’ baroque orchestra (ie – cat gut strings, baroque oboes, and trumpets with no valves) so they play much flatter than modern pitch, so those high ‘a’s are really not so high for me :) It screws me up big time when they tune, though!

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