"Hey, barkeep, whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"
-- Brian Griffin

Quit holding out and draw another breath

Well, it’s been 36 hours in London now, and so far the trip has been pretty awesome! (oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, I’m in London with the fam right now…)

This is my first time across the pond, so there have been many differences to take note of…but, as John Travolta once said: “it’s the little differences,” such as:

  • pulp in orange juice is referred to as “bits”
  • getting a coffee to go or take-out food is referred to as “take away” (as I was snootily reminded earlier tonight)
  • Exit signs are nowhere to be seen, but the “Way Out” is always clearly marked

We hit the National Gallery today, and did a walking tour around the Thames by the Westminster and Victoria embankments. On the list for tomorrow is the British Museum (thanks BirdLady!) and the Tower of London. Then, on Sunday, we hop the train to head over to Paris.

The really good news is that our budget travel-tour flight brought us into Gatwick airport, which allowed us to avoid the “killer fog” that stranded 75000 travellers at Heathrow yesterday.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll find time to post from gay Paris (no, Grabber, I’m not…), but for now my fingers are getting tired from this crappy Internet terminal keyboard… :-)

Merry Xmas, everyone!

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  1. I hear you about the lack of signs – apparently, on the highways, there is quite a movement to reduce signage and billboards. It makes for a much more picturesque drive. It also makes navigation for newcomers damn near impossible.

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