"I hope this has taught you kids a lesson: kids never learn."
-- Chief Clancy Wiggum

Transparency is great for the other guy

I actually had an idea for a great song lyric to use as a title for a post. Of course, because i didn’t write it down at the time, I’ve forgotten it…

I had an interesting conversation with my parents about corruption and Canadian politics. Dad’s entire public service career was spent at CIDA, and he had many years of experience in dealing with the agency being used as a vehicle to fund pork-barrel projects in the constituencies of high-ranking politicians. Apparently, the Mulroney years were the worst – during that time, my father was asked about corruption in Kenya, he responded that corruption there was only marginally higher than corruption here. Which seems to imply that despite the sponsorship scandal, the Liberals weren’t really any more corrupt than anyone else – they just got caught.

Which brings me, in a round-about way, to my reason for posting; despite all the talk about bringing more accountability & transparency to government, our current Conservative government seems to be just as secretive as any other. I can’t decide if they are raging hypocrites, or if their lofty ideals have just gone “splat” on the concrete floor of reality….

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  1. Can’t it be both? :-)

  2. A little from column “A” and a little from column “B”? Sure why not?

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