"In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics."
-- Homer Simpson

Another postcard of chimpanzees

Somedays I just love my job.

Kaveman has for some reason decided that I will be the recipient of cards about primates flinging their waste products. He has sent me not one but two birthday cards about apes flinging poop, but also managed to find a Christmas card this year that referenced this simian behaviour! (Who’d have thought there’d be so many of them out there?) he claims that this is because there are so few funny cards out there that are appropriate for a man to send to his platonic female friends, so being the resident biologist, I get the cards about, well, monkey poop. A flimsy excuse at best, say I…

But art truly does imitate life; right before Christmas, I recieved a query from one of our regional officers. He had detained some samples of monkey urine, and wanted to know if they were controlled by CITES because primates are endangered, and did the importer of these samples need to produce permits for them! :D After I laughed myself silly, I realised I actually had to find out the answer to this seemingly silly question! Thankfully, the answer was “no”, but it took me an hour and a half to find out.

6 Responses to “Another postcard of chimpanzees”

  1. Ha! I feel vindicated! :-)

    The funny thing is, I actually looked for a postcard with chimps on it when I was in London…sadly, that doesn’t seem to be very common there. I guess I’d need to find some postcards from a zoo or something…

  2. Oh KaveMan, Homewrecker might be coming around to the ‘dark side’ and enjoying the cards under all her protests! Just think about the lyrics later on in the BNL song (one of my very favourites, buy the way):

    Another monkey in the mail could make me lose my mind,
    But look at me shuffling through the stack until I finally find…

    I also love the description of the “depraved chimps, dressed up in the women’s underwear.” The image makes me grin.

  3. My preferred line is: “I’ve got some shaved chimps; that’s chimps devoid of any hair”. For some reason, I’m very amused by the notion of having to explain what “shaved chimps” means…

    I dunno, I like Another Postcard too, but One Week has held steady as my favourite BNL song. Also, Everything Had Changed (from the new CD) has definitely made it into my top 5. But that’s probably timing as much as anything else–I seem to be on a run lately of enjoying songs of cheerful despair… :-)

    Ah, I feel the need for karaoke!

  4. Um… shaved chimps… that’s Homo sapiens sapiens, right?

  5. oooh Karaoke! Tell me when and I’m so there!! :)

  6. How am I the old skool one who’s favorites all come from gordon? my all time personal favorite is still the king of bedside manor.

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