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-- C. Montgomery Burns

Building castles in the sky

The big news this week is that Righteous Guy and The Grabber have a new member of the family to celebrate! The Littler Miss was born Tuesday night at around 8 pounds, 1 ounce. I stopped by yesterday to see how everyone was doing, and managed to get a few pictures of the visit.

It’s easy to forget how tiny they are right at the start (I’m trying to avoid phrases like “right out of the gate” :-) ). SMP is tiny herself, but she of course has almost 17 months of growth on the new little one. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how she reacts to her new baby sister.

The Grabber and Righteous Guy are now ahead of the average Canadian fertility rate (by about 0.39 children). I think that deserves some kind of prize! :-)

6 Responses to “Building castles in the sky”

  1. She’s so incredibly cute! Very much more BLONDE-ish than I expected (jeez, compare Morgan’s photos to Zoe’s and you’d think we switched babies!) What colour are her eyes?

    Thanks for taking these, KaveMan!

  2. Congrats, guys!

    I see that Grabber’s “photo op” shirt for both babies is the red one, is that a designated hospital shirt?

  3. Thanks guys – now I just have to convince Righteous Guy that a third little princess (or prince, though we seem to be on an estrogen roll…) would make our family the perfect number! I’ve agreed to wait at least two years before I start asking for another baby for Christmas!

    As for the red shirt – it was what I had on when I went into labour AGAIN.

    And yes – Littler Miss ZIP is fairer than her sister, though her hair is really light brown, not blonde. Bit like SMP’s colour now. Her eyes are identical, though: a dark navy blue. Will likely end up being hazel or brown, though time will tell!

    Let me tell you, labour and delivery was MUCH easier this time around: The World’s Most Amazing Epidural (honestly, couldn’t even feel any contractions), and only 15 minutes of pushing brought our second little princess into this world.

    As Righteous Guy said today, he’s looking forward to many years of tea parties, dollhouses, ridiculous Barbie acquisitions, and LOTS of giggling sleepovers with his new family. Quite a bit of a change from his upbringing: two brothers!

    Cheers all, and thanks!

  4. OK, that’s just shockingly stereotypical, Grabber…I think a Barbie boycott would not be unreasonable. After all, Little Miss SMP loves power tools and enjoys playing with her Sesame Street drill.

    I promise to wait until they’re at least 7 before teaching them how to use the sliding compound miter saw… :-)

  5. I’m all for the Barbie boycott, and agree wholeheartedly. (We’ll see how my little darling feels, though, given the fact that her cousins had a Barbie ROOM in their previous house… no, I’m not exaggerating!)

  6. Yup, have to agree with Kaveman, Grabber, you have me a little scared! I can see I’ll have to do some deprogramming as they get older… “Now, Sophia, Zoe, pay attention: Barbie, BAD. Soccer ball, GOOD. Cabbage Patch Kids, BAD. Drumset, GOOD. My Little Pony… Well, your Auntie H. is a biologist, so I guess that’s OK even if they are pink…”


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